Early Middle Ages Children’s Books – Missionaries, Byzantines & Vikings

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Early Middle Ages Children’s Books – Medieval

Early middle ages book list

Curriculum Notes For Early Middle Ages Book List

The Australian Curriculum covers this Medieval history in Year 8.  The Roman Empire, Byzantines, Ottomans and Vikings are all options of focus topics for Year 8 in depth study. We incorporate many of these books into our Year 8 My Homeschool Curriculum along with Book of Centuries entries, narration and notebooking prompts.

See here for other year 8 subjects  Knights and the Crusades  or Renaissance & Reformation Books .
The middle ages is not a part of the Australian primary curriculum at all but nevertheless it is an exciting topic that is enjoyed by primary school children. If you feel a need to justify studying this topic use it as part of your English Literature and writing assignments for primary. There are many interesting books to choose from in this book list.

General – Middle Ages Children’s Books

Famous Men of The Middle Ages – John Haaran
This is an excellent resource for going through all the significant people in the middle ages. I have used these for the kids to do written narrations. The version I have linked to here is a little more expensive but it has a good study guide that goes with it. Greenleaf Study Guide Famous Man of the Middle Ages.

English Literature for Young Boys and Girls – HE Marshall
This book covers the evolution of English literature over the centuries. It begins with medieval works such as the first Celtic story of 1AD to 19th century. It will take you about 2 years to read through slowly. This will introduce your child to all the great classics and give you some history of their authors. Highly Recommended. Pages 688. Ages 10 – 16 yrs

The History of France – HE Marshall
History of France from 1st century to 19th Century. Excellent narrative story. Pages 550. Ages 10 – 16 yrs

Our Island Story – HE Marshall
History of England from 1st century to 19th Century. Excellent narrative story. Pages 448. Ages 10 – 16 yrs

Trial and Triumph – Richard Hannula (OOP)
From Canon Press, this is a wonderful collection of short stories from people throughout church history. Especially written for children, it is nevertheless just as interesting for adults. From Polycarp in 69 AD to Wurmbrand in the 1900’s, this is a list of people who stood up for Christ, no matter what. Ages 9 yrs – adult

The 100 Most Important Events in Church History – Curtis, Lang & Peterson
The church through the ages. Well-written, arresting (journalistic style) articles. Great for copywork and dictation, and good to just read. From the early church to today. More and shorter biographies than the Hannula book, and for an older age-group. Ages 12 yrs – adult

Medieval Projects You Can Do – Marsha Groves
Heaps of projects from medieval times for children aged 8 – 14 yrs

The Medieval World Atlas — Kingfisher (OOP)
Examines various aspects of life during the Middle Ages, including the feudal system, knights and chivalry, life in a castle, and battle during medieval times. Full-color illustrations. Ages 6 -12 yrs

Missionaries and Barbarians

The White Stag – Kate Seredy
A retelling of the legend of Attila and how the Huns came to sweep Europe. An epic story of their tribal migration and their fierce leader. Newbery Award book. Ages 8 – 16 yrs

Beowulf the Warrior – Ian Serraillier
Thrilling story of the great Geat warrior (Swedish) who went with his hearth companions to fight the marsh grendel (reptile of dinosaur-like appearance) in Denmark in the 400’s AD. Oldest remaining story in the English language. Ages 8 – 15 yrs

Favourite Medieval Tales – Mary Pope Osbourne (OOP)
This beautifully illustrated book contains nine tales of Medieval Europe, including Finn Maccoul, Beowulf, The Song of Roland, Chanticleer and The Sword in the Stone. Each story is prefaced with a few lines in its original language with English translation. There is a timeline at the back to show.

King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table – Roger Lancelyn Green
A retelling of the tales of the Arthuriad and L’ Morte d’Arthur. Ages 8 – 14 yrs

The Sword in the Tree – Clyde Robert Bulla
A young boy’s quest takes him as far as Camelot and the court of King Arthur. Large print chapter book. Ages 6 – 10 yrs

Black Horses for the King – Anne McCaffrey
Galwyn, the son of a bankrupt and dishonored aristocrat, has always had an ear for languages. So when Lord Artos later known as King Arthur needs an interpreter to help him buy large horses to breed a troop strong enough to carry armed warriors against the Saxon invaders, Galwyn gets a chance to redeem his father s honor and make a name for himself.  Ages 12 – 17 yrs

Augustine Came to Kent – Barbara Willard
A young Saxon boy taken into slavery by the Romans returns to the land of his birth with Augustine, and witnesses the historic meeting of King Ethelbert of Kent with the missionary. Ages 9 – 16 yrs

Brendan the Navigator – Jean Fritz (OOP)
The story of the amazing mystery, of the Irish monk who led an expedition west in a leather boat, and claimed he had found Paradise – 700 years before Columbus. The story, the possibility and Tim Severin’s recent voyage on the same route are all covered. Ages 6 – 12 yrs

The Story of St. Patrick – James Janda
A beautiful story of the life of the first missionary to Ireland. Includes in the narrative the words of his famous hymn, “Christ in front of me, Christ behind me, Christ within me, Christ outside of me…” Large print. Ages 5 – 11 yrs

early middle ages book list

The Byzantines

Anna of Byzantium – Tracey Barrett
An amazing, true story of the lost fortunes of Byzantine heir to the throne, Anna Comnena, in the 1100’s. After suffering cruel betrayal and exile, she wrote an eleven-book epic about the life and rule of her father, the Emperor Alexius I, which is the major source of information about that period in history today. A gripping story. Ages 11 – 17 yrs

The Miracle of Saint Nicholas – Gloria Whelan (OOP)
Although set in the twentieth century, this picture book paints a vivid picture of the Eastern Orthodox faith as it has been for centuries (and much as it was in Byzantine times). A truly beautiful story of the hopes of Russian villagers for their beloved church to open again after Communism. Note: Saint Nicholas is the church’s icon. Egg tempura illustrations, the traditional medium of iconography. Bethlehem Book. Ages 5 – 11 yrs

The Rise of Islam and Ottoman Empire

Traveling Man: The Journey of Ibn Battuta – James Rumford
The story of the great Muslim traveler, who, in Marco Polo’s time, traveled throughout the known world and came home to Morocco to tell of his journeys. Illustrated with Arabic calligraphy and illuminated paintings. Map of travels included. Ages 6 – 13 yrs

Saladin: Noble Prince of Islam – Diane Stanley (OOP)
Beautifully illustrated story of the man who united the Muslims and eventually defeated the Crusaders. HB Ages 7 – 14 yrs

The Bedouin’s Gazelle – Frances Temple
Essentially a romantic story about Atiyah, who must choose between the leadership of his tribe of Bedouin’s, and the life of a Muslim warrior, following his uncle Saladin. And about Halima, the beautiful girl, promised to Atiyah from her childhood, who, although forced by circumstances to agree to marriage to a cruel neighbouring sheikh, never stops believing that her beloved Atiyah will return from the university at Fez, find her and rescue her. A satisfying adventure in the Muslim culture of the 1100’s. Ages 10 – 17 yrs

Seven Daughters and Seven Sons – Barbara Cohen & Bahija Lovejoy
Based on an Iraqi folktale from the 11th century, this is the story of a brave and determined girl, the daughter of a poor shopkeeper of Baghdad, who became the bride of Mahmud, the King of Tyre. A riveting story of the Muslim world in its golden age – of traders and the cultured cities. Note: this story is highly romantic, and I found it suited our family to miss certain paragraphs when reading aloud. Ages 9 – 16 yrs
*This has been very popular with my daughter and her friends – Michelle

The Holy Roman Empire

Son of Charlemagne – Barbara Willard
The founding and ruling of the Holy Roman Empire as seen through the eyes of Carl, the son of Charlemagne. The story of how many barbarian tribes were pulled into a cohesive force that influenced Europe for centuries to come. A Bethlehem book. Ages 10 – 16 yrs

The Vikings

The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow – Allen French * Highly Recommended for a read aloud
An engrossing and historically accurate story about the coming of Christianity to the Vikings, and the ensuing clash of pagan and Christian values in the life of one young warrior. A classic saga from Iceland. A Bethlehem Book. Ages 9 yrs – adult

Raiders from the Sea – Lois Johnson
Briana and her brother Deven O’Toole are captured by Vikings from their home in Ireland. Separated and at the mercy of the Vikings, each must choose to trust God in spite of their troubles. This is the first book in a four part series. Other titles: The Mystery of the Silver Coin, The invisible Friend and The Raider’s Promise. My kids have loved them. Ages 6 – 14 yrs.

Beorn the Proud – Madeleine Pollard
Young Ness is taken captive by Beorn on his first raiding trip to Ireland, and must accompany his band back to Denmark. Her faith in God, ridiculed by Beorn, helps sustain her through her captivity. A Bethlehem book. Ages 9 – 16 yrs.

Viking Raiders – Usborne
Double paged spreads show various aspects of Viking life. A Time Traveler book (See page 18). Ages 4 – 10 yrs

Leif the Lucky by Ingri D’Aulaire
This story is about the adventures of Leif the Lucky, son of Erik the Red, who sailed with his father to Greenland and who later sailed farther west and found the continent of America.  Ages 9- 12

Who in the World Was the Unready King? The Story of Ethelred – Connie Clark
A large print chapter book about Ethelred, the English King who was said to be unready – first he was crowned at age ten, and then he was not ready to defend England against the Vikings. From Peace Hill Press. Ages 7 – 12 yrs Also available as an Audio Book read by Jim Weiss.

King’s Shadow – Elizabeth Adler
Evyn, a young Welsh serf who dreams about becoming a storyteller one day, becomes the personal companion to Earl Harold of Wessex. Harold is soon to become King of England. Evyn chronicles the King’s journey’s, culminating in the Battle of Hastings. Ages 9 – 17 yrs.

See our Crusades book list for more Middle Ages.

This book list has been provided by Mary Collis from A Living Education

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