Late Middle Ages Books List For Kids -12th to 15th Century

Late Middle Ages Books

Curriculum Notes For Late Middle Ages Books

The Late Middle Ages Books can be studied in the primary years however the Australian Curriculum does not cover this Medieval period of history until Year 8.  The Crusades are one of the options of focus topics for Year 8 in depth study. See how we use it at My Homeschool Year 8.

The middle ages is not a part of the Australian primary curriculum at all but nevertheless it is an exciting topic that is enjoyed by primary school children. If you feel a need to justify studying this topic use it as part of your English Literature and writing assignments for primary. There are many interesting books to choose from in this book list.

Late Middle Ages Books – General

Famous Men of The Middle Ages by John Haaran
This is an excellent resource for going through all the significant people in the middle ages. I have used these for the kids to do written narrations. The version I have linked to here is a little more expensive but it has a good study guide that goes with it. Greenleaf Study Guide Famous Man of the Middle Ages.

English Literature for Young Boys and Girls by HE Marshall
This book covers the evolution of English literature over the centuries. It begins with medieval works such as the first Celtic story of 1AD to 19th century. It will take you about 2 years to read through slowly. This will introduce your child to all the great classics and give you some history of their authors. Highly Recommended. Pages 688. Ages 10-16

The History of France by HE Marshall
History of France from 1st century to 19th Century. Excellent narrative story. Pages 550. Ages 10-16

Our Island Story by HE Marshall
History of England from 1st century to 19th Century. Excellent narrative story. Pages 448. Ages 10-16

Classics Books Set in The Late Middle Ages

“Macbeth” for Kids – Lois Burdett
We love this series of late Middle Ages books! Written in verse for her second graders to act, Lois Burnett has managed to keep the wisdom and drama of Shakespeare while making it fun and understandable for children. We have read these books aloud dozens and dozens of times. Ages 7— 14 yrs

Chanticleer and the Fox – Geoffrey Chaucer.
A beautifully illustrated, award winning, Canterbury tale is a retold story from the famous medieval English poet, Chaucer. These titles are based on late Middle Ages books written by Chaucer. Ages 4 — 9 yrs

The Canterbury Tales: Geoffery Chaucer retold by Geraldine Mccaughrean
These tales tell stories of the everyday life during this period of English history. Historians gained many insights into this era through these stories. Ages 7-12 yrs

The Magna Carta – James Daugherty
A book about the signing of one of the world’s most significant documents. It is the foundation of the Westminister system of law. Signed in 1215 by King John. Ages 10-14 yrs

Daily Life During the Crusades

The Ramsay Scallop – Frances Temple (OOP)
A young couple in 13th century England are sent by the village priest on a pilgrimage to the shrine of St. James, not unlike the one Chaucer went on. Along the way they meet a variety of other pilgrims, each with a tale to tell about their own lives. By the time they return home, they are changed people. A modern “Canterbury Tales” with a twist. Ages I 1 – 17 yrs.

The Making of a Knight – Patrick O’Brien
This beautifully illustrated book shows 7 year old James taking the steps from becoming a page to a squire to a knight. Ages 6 – 12 yrs.

Medieval Fashions Colouring In Book – Tom Tierney
Clothing from the period 1200 —1350. Beautiful, varied clothing for a man and a woman cardboard doll (included), all decently attired, for rich and poor, knight and serf. Each outfit described in appendix as to its name and purpose.

Late Middle Ages books

Historical Fiction 12th Century

The Hidden Treasure of Glaston – Eleanore Jewett
A mystery set in an English abbey in 1171. Suspenseful to the end. Brings in the folk story about Joseph of Arimithea having come to Glaston after the death of Jesus. A Bethlehem book. Ages I0 – 17yrs

If All the Swords in England – Barbara Willard
England in the Year 1170. Previously friends, now King Henry II (wife of Eleanor of Aquitaine) and Archbishop Thomas Becket are at odds with each other over the church’s role in the leadership of England. The story of this clash, culminating in the slaying of the archbishop on the altar of his own church, Canterbury Cathedral, is told through the lives of twins, one in the service of the king, one in the service of the archbishop. A true story, told from the Catholic viewpoint. Ages I 0 — 16 yrs.

In Freedoms Cause – GA Henty
This is the story of the Scottish people fighting for independence from 1270 AD to early 14th Century. Told from the point of view of a boy who joins with William Wallace to fight, you will also meet Robert the Bruce and King Edward in the story. Exciting story. The dramatized audio version is only 2.5 hours and we enjoyed it very much.

Adam of the Road – Elizabeth Gray
Adam, a minstrel’s son, follows the highways and byways of southern medieval England, learning about all ways of life and cultural events, as he searches for his beloved spaniel which has been stolen. Ages 7 —14 yrs.

Cathedral – David Macaulay
See how a French Gothic cathedral was built, from the foundations up. A story about one building’s history and the lives of the people who worked on it. Architecturally accurate drawings tell the whole story. Ages 5 — 14 yrs

Men of Iron – Howard Pyle
Written in archaic language of the 1800’s this book is nevertheless well worth reading. Young Myles Falworth is still in training at his knight’s castle when he learns that his blind father has been condemned for treason. Does he dare to challenge the king’s champion who is hunting his father in order to win back his family’s honour? Ages 9 — 18 yrs.

Castle Diary – Richard Platt
In 1285, 11 year old Tobias Burgess is sent to be a page in his uncle’s castle. While there he keeps a detailed journal of everything that happens. Illustrated. Ages 7 — 12 yrs.

The Midwife’s Apprentice – Karen Cushman
Here is a fictional story of one medieval midwife’s apprentice and how she learned her trade in ignorant times. A humorous, discreet story, which will not embarrass your teenage girls. I loved it! Ages 10 — 16 yrs.

Days of the Knights: A Tale of Castles and Battles – DK Reader
Thomas, a baby when his father’s castle is attacked and lost to the enemy, grows up determined to reclaim his family’s property. Exciting pictures throughout. Large print reader. Ages 5 – 9 yrs.

Make This Medieval Castle – Usborne
With a tube of craft glue and a pair of scissors or craft knife, cut out this cardboard model and put together a model of a 14th century castle. 59 cm long. Ages 10 +

The Red Keep – Allen French (OOP)
This exceptional Bethlehem book will take the reader into the world of country Burgundy (southern France) in the Middle Ages, where roads were not safe to travel, an often corrupt church controlled the lives of citizens, and life was a struggle to survive, for both rich and poor. Full of courage and chivalry. Ages 10 +

The Lost Baron — Allen French (OOP)
A great story of knights, the church and the feudal system in England. A favourite in our house. Bethlehem Book. Ages 11 — 17 yrs

Sundiata, Lion King of Mali – David Wisniewski
In the thirteenth century, Sundiata overcame physical handicaps, social disgrace, and strong opposition to rule the West African trading empire of Mali. Ages 8 – 12yrs.

Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest – Ann McGovern (OOP)
A Scholastic Junior Classic chapter book that tells the story of the great English ‘hero’. Ages 6 – 12yrs.

Robin Hood: The Tale of the Great Outlaw – DK reader
Large print illustrated story with factual information and pictures of the time and place in the margins. Gde 2 – 4

Royal Diaries: Eleanor, Crown Jewel Aquitaine – Kristiana Gregory (OOP)
Wife of two kings, Louis VII of France, and married after his death to Henry II of England, mother of Richard the Lionheart, this queen was a formidable person in the Middle Ages. Meet the famous people of her time through this wonderful story of her early life. Ages 10 — 16 yrs

The Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver – E.L. Konigsburg
After a century in purgatory, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine finally reaches heaven and discusses the highlights of her life with those she had known. Humorous, clever story which some may find sacrilegious. Ages 12 — 16 yrs

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