Ancient Greece and Rome Books For Kids

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Ancient Greece and Rome for Kids book list

Ancient History and Curriculum

Ancient Greece and Rome Books can be studied in primary school however this period of ancient history is not covered until Year 7 of the Australian curriculum.

Other ancient history book lists include:

Ancient history is not a required subject in primary school. However many children like to study this period of history in their early school years. To use ancient history topics in your planning you can record them as part of your literature, geography and history studies.

Aesop’s Fables, Greek Myths and Roman gods are part of a classical education that some people like to study. And if you are wondering about the value of studying World Mythology consider Amy’s response as a homeschool graduate and now homeschool mum.

Our Aesop’s Fables Copywork is available in both large print and cursive.

As you study this period of history you will also be studying the time of the Jewish rebellion against the Greeks & Hanukkah  (Maccabees I & II in the Apocrypha) and the New Testament.

Good General History Books For this Period

The two books below are a good place to start learning about Greek and Roman history. They are also great to assign for written and oral narrations. I like to use these as the backbone of their narrations. They are easy to assign and keep track of. I use the other readers for information and occasionally a novel study.

Famous Men of Greece by John Haaren

Biographies of men in the during this period of history. These books are good for narrations and getting a general idea of the historical period.

Famous Men of Rome by John Haaren

Biographies of men in the during this period of history. These books are good for narrations and getting a general idea of the historical period.

Ancient Greece and The Hellenistic Period

Aesop’s Fables — Lisbeth Zwerger

12 beautifully illustrated fables of the Greek slave. Award winning illustrator. Ages 4 – 8 yrs

Greek Myths for Young Children – Heather Amery

Beautifully illustrated Usborne book of Greek myths with beautiful golden patterned borders and large print. This makes it easy to use for copy work for younger children. A wonderful collection of well-known and not so well known tales. No sinister illustrations. HB Ages 5 – 10 yrs

The Children’s Homer – Padraic Colum

This rendition of The Iliad and The Odyssey is a great family read aloud. Not only will you be enthralled with the incredible stories whose terms have become part of Western culture, but you’ll be moved by the honourable character of many of the Greeks. Ages
8 – 14 yrs.

The Adventures of Ulysses Coloring Book – Dover

Great line drawings for colouring in – the whole adventures of Ulysses as recorded by Homer in The Iliad and The Odyssey. Includes a map to colour marking the places now identified from those stories, for example Troy. You can mark on the travels of Ulysses. Ages 8 – 16 yrs

Archimedes and the Door of Science – Jeanne Bendick

A well-told biography that shows the contributions to science of this most remarkable Ancient Greek. Not dry at all, your family will love retelling how he discovered new things and used that knowledge. Bethlehem Book Ages 8 – 16 years

Alexander the Great — Usborne

A large print chapter book on the famous leader. Colourful illustrations. HB Ages 5 – 11 yrs

Alexander the Great by Robert Green

A children’s biography of Alexander with black and white photos of artefacts and places. Shows the extent of the empire and why he fell. Ages 8 – 15 years

What’s Your Angle, Pythagoras?—Julie Ellis

Pythagoras was an extremely curious child who wanted to work out solutions to problems. In doing so, he came up with amazing new mathematical theories. All are explained clearly. Ages 6 – 12

How the Greeks Won the War: The Story of the Trojan Horse – A Step into Reading Book (Level 4)

An illustrated narrative about the War. Ages 5 – 9

The Trojan Horse — DK Reader

A photo narrative about the war of Troy and the Greek culture of the time. Ages 6 – 9 yrs

Wise Guy: The Life and Philosophy of Socrates – M. D. Usher

Two thousand years ago Socrates set the standard for Western philosophy. Day by day in the Athens marketplace he conversed on wisdom, right and wrong, courage, justice and love. What did he believe about life? This book tells his story – his way of life and his philosophy. The author homeschools his three children, and teaches classics at the University of Vermont. Ages 8 -16 yrs.

The Story of Hannukah by David Adler

In a simple yet dramatic text and vibrant paintings, the story of the courageous Maccabees and the miracle that took place in the Temple in Jerusalem is retold. Ages 6-8 yrs

Ancient Greece and Rome Booklist for kids

Ancient Rome & The Rise of The Church

City – A Story of Roman Planning and Construction – David Macaulay

A story of how the Romans would plan a city in the middle of the countryside that would become the envy of the rest of the known world. Architectural details on how every building was constructed. Ages 7 – Adult

Hannibal – Robert Green

A well written large print biography of the Carthaginian who was one of the most brilliant military strategists of all time. Determined to conquer the Romans, he dared to cross the Alps and invade the Romans from the North. Illustrated. Ages 7 – 15 years

Pompeii…Buried Alive (Step-into-reading)

The story of the explosion of Mt. Vesuvius as well as the recent discovery of the buried city and what is there today. Large print. Ages 5 – 9 yrs.

Royal Diaries – Cleopatra VII: Daughter of the Nile – Kristiana Gregory

What was life like for Cleopatra when she was a I2-year-old girl, heir to the Egyptian throne? This fictional diary paints a realistic picture of the times (which were Roman Empire times). Well researched with photos and facts included. HB Ages 10 – 16 yrs

Cleopatra – Diane Stanley

Attractive, oversized biography of Cleopatra for younger children. Beautiful illustrations. Ages 5 – 11 yrs

Detectives in Togas – Henry Winterfeld

A mystery involving a tutorial group of Roman boys, one of whom is framed with a crime he didn’t do — defacing the wall of a local temple with red ink. By the time the mystery is solved you know a lot about Roman life. Thoroughly enjoyable story. NB. There is a rather sinister soothsayer involved, but no magic. Ages 7 – 13 yrs

Julius Caesar – Struan Reid

An illustrated biography of one of the most ambitious men who ever lived. Ages 7 – 13 yrs

The Bronze Bow – Elizabeth George Speare

A young boy caught up with the Zealots’ attempts to sabotage Roman rule in Palestine, meets Jesus and some of His disciples and begins to see things in a different way. Exciting mystery. Ages 8 – 16 yrs

Vinegar Boy – Alberta Hawse

This is the story of a boy’s dramatic encounter with Christ on the Cross. As he brings Christ vinegar to drink, he witnesses the crucifixion. Ages 8 – 15 yrs.

Galen and the Gateway to Medicine – Jeanne Bendick

Everyone in rome wanted Galen to be their doctor. Meet the medical researcher (born 129 AD) whose works and writings became the standard authority in both Christian and Muslim worlds for the next 1300 years. A Bethlehem book. Ages 8 – 17 years.

Saint Valentine – Robert Sabuda

Beautiful story of a first century Christian doctor who gave his life for his faith. The original source of Valentine’s Day. Beautiful mosaic illustrations. Ages 6 – 10 yrs

The Eagle of the Ninth – Rosemary Sutcliff

The story of a young Roman who sets forth beyond Agricola’s Wall into the wilds of Britain, to discover what happened to his father’s unit, the Ninth Roman Legion, which disappeared without trace fifteen years earlier. Skillful, imaginative plot. Ages 9 – 17 yrs.

Rome and Romans – Heather Amery

Usborne book in the Time Traveler series. An illustrated look at all aspects of life in Ancient Rome. Ages 6 – 11 yrs

The Ides of April – Mary Ray

A murder mystery set in Ancient Rome. Bethlehem Book. Ages 10 – I6 yrs

Beyond the Desert Gate – by Mary Ray

An exciting story of Palestine at the time of the sack of Jerusalem under Titus. The sequel to The Ides of April,. A Bethlehem book. Ages 10 -18yrs

Parts of this booklist has been provided by Mary Collis from A Living Education

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