Africa Book List For Kids

Africa Book List for Kids

Africa Book List For Children

Africa is first covered in the Australian National Geography curriculum in Year 4.

These living books from Africa are suitable for children.

Living Africa Books – Primary Level

Africa – Rookie Geography – Allan Fowler

Large print photographic book on aspects of Africa. Ages 5 – 8 yrs

Africa – A True Book – David Peterson

Large print chapter book about various aspects of Africa -Chapters on the Sahara, the wildlife, geography, it’s vast age (some evolutionist sentences here), culture, Europeans in Africa and it’s future. Ages 7 – 12 yrs

Sundiata: Lion King of Mali – David Wisniewski

A true African tale of how a prince of Mali overcame physical disability to save his kingdom from ruin in the I 200’s. Includes maps of Sundiata’s travels and battles, as well as a page outlining the history for this part of Africa and where Sundiata fits in. Ages 5 — 11 yrs

Beatrice’s Goat – Page McBrier

A wonderful story about a little Ugandan girl, to whose family the gift of a goat means so much. Because of the sponsorship of people far away, she can go to school, the family can be healthier and better clothed and they can afford house repairs. Great story for children about helping the poor, and life in the Ugandan countryside. Ages 4 – 12 yrs

Fun with African Animals Stencils – A Dover Little Activity Books

Easy stencils so your small children can make realistic animal shapes. You can even make concertina foldouts with some of them. Ages 3 – 8 yrs

Star of Light – Patricia St John

A boy helps his blind sister to safety in the home of a missionary on Morocco, away from the deprivations suffered by the disabled and poor. A moving book filled with Moroccan culture and a salvation message. Ages 7 -14 yrs

The Day Gogo Went to Vote – Elinor Sisulu

Thembi’s great-grandmother has not left the house for years. But when the day comes for black South Africans to vote, she refuses to stay at home at such a historic time. A powerful, inspiring story about what democracy is. Mentions Nelson Mandela. Ages 5 – 13 yrs

Fatuma’s New Cloth – Leslie Bulione

A little girl in an East African village goes shopping with her mother and learns lots about her local culture. Beautiful! Makes you want to go and make a cup of Chai tea (recipe on last page). Ages 4 -9 yrs

The Day of Ahmed’s Secret – Florence Heide

Ahmed delivers butane gas in Cairo’s streets. He drives a donkey cart through the crowded streets. On this day he can’t wait to get home to tell his big secret to his family. Lovely illustrations of a child’s life in Cairo, Egypt. Ages 5 – 10 yrs

At the Crossroads – Rachel Isadora

A group of children living in a shanty town in Southern Africa await the return of their fathers who have been away working in mines for the past months. A simple large print story that nevertheless shows children building lives in a very different place to where we live.


Fire on the Mountain – Jane Kurtz

Wonderful story about an Ethiopian boy and his sister who are servants in the house of a bad-tempered rich man. Alemayu devises a plan to better his and his sister’s lot: he will survive a night in the bitter cold of the Ethiopian mountains. Beautiful watercolour paintings illustrate the story. Ages 5 – 9 yrs

Duma – Kathleen Zoehfeld

A South African farm boy finds a cheetah cub and raises him, along with his other animals. Eventually he needs to return him to the wild, and together they set off across the African wilderness in an adventure that will change their lives. Large print chapter book with photos. Ages 7 – 11 yrs

Living Books Africa – High School

Born Free – Joy Adamson

The true story of a lion cub, raised in captivity in Kenya, and its return to the wild. Remarkable and moving. Fully illustrated with photographs on nearly every page. Ages 13 yrs – adult

Journey to Jo’burg – Beverley Naidoo

The Power of One – Bryce Courtenay

An exciting story of a white boy who grows up in the turmoil of Southern Africa’s apartheid. He too is the wrong white race and

experiences bullying and discrimination. Eventually he realises through bitter experience that small can beat big, and this is the power of one. Challenging, memorable story. Adapted for young readers. Ages 10 – 15 yrs.

Going Solo – Roald Dahl

The fascinating story of Roald Dahl’s life continues in “Going Solo”, a marvelous evocation of the author’s wartime exploits as a pilot in World War II. Mostly set in Africa. Ages 12 — 17 yrs Prequel: Boy — about the author’s childhood in England, also available.

Secrets in the Fire – Henning Mankell

A novel based on the true story of a courageous young girl living in Mozambique. A moving story, Sofia’s life is shattered when she steps on a landmine. How she builds a future out of the ruins of her life is the subject of this story. Ages 1 I – 17 yrs

Chanda’s Secrets – Allan Stratton

This gripping book puts a real-life face on the statistics of AIDS in southern Africa. Chanda grows up in typical town where AIDS is kept secret for fear of becoming an outcast. Her courage in caring for her mother who dies of AIDS changes the attitudes of those in her community. Heartrending, while at the same time hopeful, this is a book you won’t be able to put down. This story shows the helplessness of children who find themselves in situations no one would want, and the difficulty of making meaning of their lives Ages 15 yrs +

The Royal Diaries: Nzingha, Warrior Queen of Matamba– Patricia McKissack

Nzingha was the girl who became queen of Angola in the 1500’s as the Portuguese were trying to take over. She resisted their rule. This is the story of her childhood. Ages 10-15 yrs

South African Homeschooling Resources

When you’re a tourist it’s always much better to get information from locals. They live there and they can tell you more than just the facts. If your interested in studying Africa this is the place to go. South African Homeschool Curriculum. They have lapbooks and literature based studies.