Homeschool Documentation


Ideas For Homeschool Documentation

Have you got a plan for your homeschool documentation?

Portfolios and Planners

For all homeschool documentation I suggest using a student portfolio and homeschool planner.

Homeschool Documentation – Making Portfolios

How To Make A Homeschool Portfolio -Homeschooling Requirements

With our school year just beginning I am getting all my children’s work organised which includes starting their portfolios. Why Use A Homeschool Portfolio? A homeschool portfolio is an educational keepsake that [Continue Reading]

A Look At Our Homeschool Portfolios

Homeschool Documentation – Homeschool Planners

How To Make Your Own Homeschool Planner

Keeping a simple homeschool and household planner gives focus to your routines and goals. It also aids record keeping and helps your day run smoothly. You can make your own homeschool tracker. [Continue Reading]

DIY Homeschool Planners – The Movie – How I Document My Year

Well it’s that time of year when my thoughts have turned to planning for 2014. My planning has always been quite simple. I have a folder and I use my Pretty Homeschool [Continue Reading]

Documentation For Homeschool Registration Queensland and NSW

Different states have different homeschool documentation requirements.Here are some specific ideas to help with state registration requirements in Queensland and NSW.

Homeschool DocumentationHomeschool Documentation

Pretty Homeschool Planner

Pretty homeschool Planner

Our Pretty Homeschool Planner will help you organise your homeschool records. We have over 50 planning pages for you to pick and choose from plus instructions on setting up your own beautiful homeschool folder. [Continue Reading]

More Homeschool Documentaion Ideas From My Blog

What sort of things should I consider when planning for the year? Here are a few tips to stop you falling into a slump [Continue Reading]

Sometimes we think that because we are working out our children’s curriculum that we need to understand everything that we need to teach them. Phooey to that!  Creating your own Australian homeschool [Continue Reading]

Planning your homeschool curriculum is usually a big part of  getting ready to go back to school,  but do you find when you start  your homeschool lessons  never seems to look the [Continue Reading]