How to start homeschooling questions ansd answers

How To Start Homeschooling

Over the years I’ve attempted to answer many new and inquiring homeschoolers’ questions here on my blog.

Here is a directory of answers to some of your questions.

Will I Be A Good Teacher?

Learning how to homeschool is more important than finding out what to teach. It’s my experience that many new homeschooling parents spend a great deal of time focusing on the curriculums and completely missing the fact that they have to teach them. As a new zealot to home educating I used to believe that anyone could homeschool, but after years of seeing people begin and then stop shortly after, I can see that it does require certain elements in order to homeschool successfully. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are getting ready to homeschool.

How to Homeschool 101 is the information you need before you start the digging. It will help you to avoid the homeschool collapsing, help you identify educational Fool’s Gold and show you how to find treasure in your children. It’s not about specific curriculums or how to teach specific subjects. Rather it’s your induction training package. Forget about curriculums for now. As you can buy the best curriculums available but if you don’t work out how to facilitate learning in your child the curriculums won’t be utilized properly, if at all.
Homeschool 101 set

How Do I Register?

What About High School?

Will I Be Able To Cope?

Yes it is a sacrifice to educate your children at home. Educating children is a serious undertaking and schools are there for a reason. Education is important!

What On Earth Should I Teach?

Other Questions