Growing a Lego Movie Maker

how to make a lego movie maker

We have always loved Lego in our home and with four children we have a lot. It’s always been a popular toy but now my son has taken it one step further and learnt how to make a Lego movie with it.

Lego has become the characters and sets for his movies. He began teaching himself how to make a Lego movie about 4 years ago when he was 11.

Tips To Make A Lego Movie Producer

To make a Lego movie you are making a stop motion movie. Some people also call the Lego stop motions, Brick Films. The recent Hollywood Lego Movie wasn’t a stop motion movie it was an animated movie made to look like it was stop motion.

If your child is keen to learn how to make a Lego movie then here are a few tips to help them get started and make it work. I’ve learnt these by watching my son and helping him find solutions. I also had to check a few facts with my son to get the facts right.

How To Make A Lego Movie – Camera and Software

There is a lot to learn when you make a stop motion movie and getting the software is essential. There are quite a few stop motion apps around for iPads but we haven’t used them.

Monkey Jam is a free stop motion software for beginners. It uses a webcam and the images can be stored straight on to the computer. You cannot easily use an SLR camera with this program (believe me we tried for hours).
We use an SLR Digital camera with Adobe Premier pro.  You have to transfer the pictures to the computer but you have greater control over the focus and angles. Using a tripod with your camera will ensure that the shots don’t wobble. To get a smooth picture you can aim for 24 frames per second.

Dragon Frame is the ultimate program that many professionals use.

Stop Motion Software for Mac, Windows and Linux

Make A Set and Get Some Lights

Having a set will make the Lego movies look so much better. It removes all the unwanted backgrounds and helps set the scene for the movie. Having a set also makes it easy to pin on different backdrops for a scene. He uses images that he prints off from the computer to make his scene backdrops.

How to make a lego movie set
Here is my son’s simple set. He made it will some wood and painted it white.

When making your Lego movie you want good bright pictures. You will need to add some lighting. We just use three desk lamps that stretch over the set. We also try to block out other lights. See in the back of this picture below we have left a door open and you can see the light from the window. That’s not good. We usually block out the windows, close doors and shut blinds.

how to make a lego movie lights
Lego movies also need props and this often takes the most time to organise but it is what makes the movie. Here is his Lord of The Rings set that he is starting work on.

how to make a lego movie -LOTR-set

You can see the background in the right hand corner of this picture.

lego movie set with backdrop.

Find A Story

It always good to know what the story is going will be. A story board can also help them make their ideas come to life. They will be limited by the type of Lego that they have.

Getting Your Lego Characters to Act.

For mini figures to show emotion it is good to be able to have multiple heads for different expression.

Lego character walking is simple enough but you can make it look smoother depending on how many shots you use for one step.

Here is a tutorial on simple brick film walking.

Sound Effects

Adding sound effects is in the editing phase of the movie.To add sound effects we usually use and music found online.


The last thing a Lego animator needs is patience. My son’s last movie took him about 6 months to make.

Here is my son’s latest creation – The Ice Cream Truck Lego Movie .

P.S. His film has been selected for the Little Big Shots Film Festival 2015.

Update: He actually won The National Award for Best Children’s Animation 2015.

PPS: He is now studying his Diploma in Screen and Media Studies: Animation.

He’d love a comment if you can find the time.

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