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Homeschooling Book Lists

Homeschooling Book Lists

Book List Index

“Never be without a good book on hand.” Charlotte Mason

Books, books, books! I couldn’t do without them in my homeschool however finding good books is what often takes time and research.

Here is a collection of book lists to hopefully direct you to finding books on topics that you want to cover in your homeschool.

General Homeschooling Book List Index

Encouraging books about how to homeschool and family life as a homeschooling mum. Books like this have kept me going in the tough times. I would read these books in the holidays as I looked for inspiration in the coming term.

Look here for devotionals and historical fiction during Bible times and early church history.

Some successful books for teaching reading and suggestions for early readers.

Picture Study and Art Book List

Use these books for group or individual picture study. Some can also be used for art techniques as well.

Science And Nature

Here is a list of nature study and nature story books for children. I have organised the book list using many of the chapters outlined in the Handbook for Nature Study.

If you want to teach science without a textbook then you will find a very tempting selection of books here.

Science biographies, stories of inventors and living books that help children put science in its context.  These suggestions can be read aloud or used independently for the more confident reader. We have also made some suggestions for some literature based highschool homeschool curriculums.

Australian Literature, History and Geography

Australian history is studied in the Australian Curriculum from Year 4 to Year 6. It is then studied as an elective in Year 8 and Year 9.

Many of these books listed here are also used in Australian Book Traveller.

Australian Classics and Poetry List

Find books for Australian poetry reading to your children plus some classic poetry books on most homeschool book lists.

Book list index

World History Book Lists

General World History Book List

No world history (except Australian history) is covered in the Australian history curriculum in the primary years. However that doesn’t mean we can’t cover it. Here are some ideas for teaching history. Use the primary years to give your children a good overview of history & geography before they are required to do in-depth studies in the highschool years. The books listed here will help you with that. When you cover history also help your child discover where the story is set (the geography).

Ancient & Medieval History

For the primary years you can use these books as English readers, to teach world view (a  historical skill), teach about dinosaurs (and creationism). In Year 7 & 8 the National Curriculum wants to do an 6 in-depth studies. Use these book lists to help you plan Investigating the Ancient World

Mediterranean World-Egypt or Greece or Rome

The Asian World & Asia Pacific There are two depth studies on Asia one in Year 7 & and another in Year 8. We combined them to do a block on Asian history. (It also turns up as an elective in Year 9)

Early Middle Ages – Western and Islamic World  -Vikings or middle ages.

Late Middle Ages – Expanding Contacts

Modern History

Year 9  Making a Better World  – only one depth study is required.

Australia or Asia Modern History

World  War I & Russian Revolution (till 1917)

In between the Wars and WWII

Globalising the World and Rights & Freedoms

Geography Living Books

Finding out about countries is never really taught  in the Australian Geography curriculum. (There is one depth study of a neighbouring country of choice in Year 4). I think this is a wasted opportunity. Here are some ideas for teaching geography.

Affiliate Links

When possible I’ve linked the books to online booksellers. I mostly use because they have cheap books and free postage. I use for Australian books because they come quickly and again free postage. If a book is out of print I’ll use Amazon second hand feature. I do earn a small commission from these sales but the links are there for your convenience.

Charlotte Mason knew how to pick good books, she called them living books, others call them real books. You will not find every book that was printed on a topic in these book lists but rather a selection of living books that come recommended. Many of these book lists were put together by Mary Collis from A Living Education Magazine.