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homeschooling australia

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General Information – Homeschooling Australia

Homeschooling in Australia (also known as home education) is a vibrant growing movement. Statistics indicate there are at least 30 000 children homeschooling in Australia.  According to a NSW parliamentary enquiry, parents’ reasons for homeschooling include:

  • religion,
  • philosophical (such as opposed to mass education),
  • bullying,
  • dissatisfaction with school,
  • special needs
  • travel.

Home education teaching looks very different to traditional school. Within the Australian homeschool community there are a variety of  home education methods .

  • Legally children in Australia between the ages of 6 to 17 (Tasmania 5—16 years) must be in school or registered to homeschool. Children under the age of 17 who want to leave school must apply to homeschool, or meet certain workforce or vocational education requirements.
  • In order to homeschool each state and territory in Australia, has their own set of legal requirements. Some parents choose not to register.
  • To be registered to homeschool you must apply to the state or territory in which you are a resident.
  • You cannot register to homeschool in Australia if you are living overseas, or have no fixed address.
  • The parent who plans to homeschool registers each individual child.

Homeschooling in Australia – State Requirements

  • NSW and Queensland have the strictest documentation guidelines for registration. When you register you are usually expected to show what you are planning on teaching your children and how it corresponds to their guidelines. The below links will help you with this.
  • Victoria is the easiest state to be registered in as it only requires you to fill out a form and notify the Vic Department of Education. You can also homeschool part-time in Victoria.
  • Australian Capital Territory also allows part-time homeschooling. The ACT Department of Education requires you to fill in registration documents. You will need to show a learning program but they don’t require you to follow ACT curriculum or the National Curriculum.
  • Western Australia has a large homeschool community. Registration involves a visit from a WA Department of Education moderator and evidence of a learning program based in the WA curriculum framework.
  • In the Northern Territory you register to homeschool with the NT Department of Education. You are required to fill out a form and are granted an interim registration. You will need to show a learning program but they don’t require you to follow NT curriculum or the National Curriculum. You will receive registration when they have been approved by a moderator.
  • In South Australia registration is relatively simple. You will need to apply through SA Department of Education. After you have submitted your registration form you will need to provide a broad overview of your learning program including the eight key learning areas (following the completed aspects of the National Curriculum). You will also receive a home visit.
  • In Tasmania the process is also relatively simple. You are not required to follow the National Curriculum. The Tasmanian Home Education Advisory Council handles the application.

Starting Homeschooling in Australia

When contemplating homeschooling you will need to learn about: how to start homeschooling and you will also need to learn about the legal requirement to register for homeschooling. These are two separate things.

For more information on what to teach and how to teach I suggest looking at How to Homeschool 101 for ideas on how to get ready for homeschooling Australia.

My Homeschool Grades Courses – Complete Curriculum

My Homeschool Graded Courses are based on the Australian Curriculum content and outcome statements. Our courses provide a literature rich approach using many of the ideas of Charlotte Mason and other experienced home educators.

My Homeschool is a virtual home educator’s staff room. It provides a community forum, parent teacher enrichment courses, a state registration application course, and the digital platform for our graded course.

Our courses and resources have been written by experienced home educators who understand the demands of teaching multiple children.

Australian National Curriculum Guides – DIY

For more specific recommendations see our Australian homeschool curriculum suggestions and outcomes list.

How To Homeschool 101

Australian homeschool Curriculum Guide -K-2

Australian Homeschool Curriculum Guide 3-6

Homeschool Highschool

Homeschooling Support in Australia

My Homeschool Subscription – My Homeschool is a virtual home educator’s staff room. It provides a community forum, parent teacher enrichment courses, a state registration application course, and the digital platform for our graded course.

Home Education Association HEA website and HEA Facebook Page
The Home Education Association Inc. (HEA) has been formed to support, promote and encourage the practice of home education.The HEA has no affiliation with state education authorities and all members should note that privacy is an Association priority.

Home Education Network Victoria
The Home Education Network Inc (HEN) is the largest, most vocal alternative education support group in Victoria.

SHEN – Sydney Home Education NewtworkShen Facebook Group
Is for families living in Sydney who are wanting to find homeschool events and connect.

Home Based Learning Network Western Australia -HBLN
The Home-Based Learning Network (HBLN) is designed to meet the growing needs of home based learners in Western Australia which is approximately 1,800 families.

CHEC – Christian Home Educators Canberra
This is a vibrants community with lots of activities. All are welcome to attend you don’t need to be a Christian.

The Home Education Network of Canberra and the Southern Tablelands (Inc) is a network of home educating families from Canberra, Queanbeyan, Bungendore and surrounding areas.

NOTE: If you have a support group that you would like added to this list please contact me.

There are also a number of homeschooling FB groups

Home Schooling Australia Facebook Group

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling in Australia Facebook Group

Australian High School Homeschool Facebook Group

Note: Search Facebook for homeschool groups in your area or ask on one of the Facebook forums. There are many more groups.

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