DIY Homeschool Planner – The Movie – How I Document My Year

My Homeschool Planner

My planning has always been quite simple. I have a folder and I use my Pretty Homeschool Planner Pages to help me add some structure.

Sometimes it helps to see the homeschool planner so I’ve prepared a video for you.

As the end of the year approaches my thought are turning towards planning next year. Each year I refine my record keeping and planning.

Most of my planning is going on in my head or written on sheets of paper stored in various files here and there. Then usually at the end of term, I sit down to collect all my papers and resources together and organise my plans for the following year.

In my early days as a young mum I was super efficient. I planned my menus, did a once a month cook, had a cleaning and shopping schedule. As my children have grown older I found that I needed to be more flexible and my routine became looser.

Homeschool Documentation


Now rather than adding routine to our lives I need to plan our lives. I need to work out how to get the children to events and lessons, when to buy food, who to invite for a visit. I have to be a lot stricter with my time as my life is very busy.

Up until recently my main plan keeper was my head but I also used the calendar by the phone, the

whiteboard on the fridge and numerous corkboards and slips of paper around the house.

Lately I have been inspired to change my system. The trigger was such a silly thing, I saw pretty folder. I decided I wanted to get rid of my ugly homeschool planner and make a pretty one. I got carried away with my idea and decided to make some pretty pages and include all the types of things I use including my household needs as well.


I am enjoying my new homeschool planner. I am recording the things I usually forget. I’m reducing the amount of loose scraps of paper around the house and I am getting more done (for I am setting goals for myself.)

How do you plan?


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  1. Michael  February 16, 2017

    Hi I’m having trouble finding where the printouts are l, where would I find them- thank you

  2. Fiona  December 10, 2013

    I really like the way you break down the work into weeks and which experiments to do and put it inside the book for the kids to follow. That is something I am going to add to our books next year. I think it will help the older kids be more productive, with less guidance from me.
    Thanks for the ideas.

    • Michelle Downunder  December 10, 2013

      Thanks Fiona. Yes that system really worked well this term. It aslo helps me when I need to skip things in the book.

  3. Melissa  December 9, 2013

    Great video Michelle, thanks for the ideas:)



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