Homeschool Geography Resources You Might Like

Homeschool geography Maps

World Homeschool Geography Resources You Might Like

Here is a round-up of our 5 days of world homeschool geography ideas. These resources are for studying the world and not for all aspects of geography such as nature study and environmental issues. For more geography ideas look here. You can see more ideas on high school geography curriculums here.

  • Pleasant Talk of Places – A geography resource for 6 to 10 year olds that discovers the continents with maps and books.
Continent geography resource
  • Geography DVD’s – I know I’ve already talked about these but I highly recommend you add these to your homeschool geography resources.


  • Maps – Should be a part of your homeschool geography resources. Pictorial, political and topographical maps can all be used. If you are reading a travel book please take the time to look up the location on a map. And don’t forget to use the map markers.
  • Atlas –   We like the National geographic World Atlas as it has interesting facts that capture a child’s imagination. A good atlas can often be found in second-hand stores. Another essential for your homeschool geography resource collection.

Homeschool geography maps

  • Notebooking Pages – Notebooking not worksheets are perfect for the panoramic geography method.

Try our Downunder Geography Discovery Pages 
Australian Geography Notebooking Pages - Downunder Geography

or  New Zealand Geography Pages
New zealand flag lapbook & geography pages

Asia book list

Australian Book Traveller

  • Literary Geography Textbooks

Exploring the World Around You: A look at nations from the tropics to the Tundra by Gary Parker – it has a quiz after each chapter

A Child’s Geography by Ann Voscamp – This book is popular with homeschoolers. I haven’t used it but many love it (or hate it). Read some reviews to help you make up your mind..

Welcome to The Wonderful World of Geography by Brenda Runkle –  It covers world geography from a physical geography emphasis but it will still take you around the world as they cover rivers, the atmosphere etc.
Geography Resource

Hopscotch 5 Days Sharing On Homeschool Topics

This is last part of my five day series Around the World in 5 Days – homeschool geography. Check out the schedule and follow along.

hopscotch blog hop Hopscotch page Visit the ihomeschool network for a list of more interesting topics by homeschool blogging mums.

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