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Homeschool geography Maps

Homeschool Geography Maps and Map Markers

“Geography should be learned chiefly from maps. Pictorial readings and talks introduce him to the subject, but as soon as his geography lessons become definite they are to be learned, in the first place, from the map.” Charlotte Mason

Maps are often one of the first things that come to mind when studying geography. And maps are a good place to start as a way to orientate children to places that you learn about.

Here are a few ways we incorporate maps into our geography lessons.

We Look At Maps

We use maps in our home to teach geography.

Geography lessons world map

Types Of Maps to Get

Homeschool geography maps

We Make Map Markers

I first discovered map markers when we were doing Five In A Row – they called them story disks. After we read a story we would place the map marker on the country we had read about. It was an excellent way to learn our geography. We used the map markers for our science zoology study. We would place animal pictures on our world map after we had studied them.

We also used map markers for our Australian Book Traveller. For this we used picture book images, state flags and emblems.


It’s easy to make your own map markers out of cardboard. We make a small circular disk about 5cm (2 inches) in diameter and have your child draw a relevant image on the marker. We then stick the marker on to the map with some Blue Tac.

Here  is a template map marker for you to download.

Map Marker template Download

Map Marker template Download

We Draw Maps

We drew the Garden of Eden when we were doing our Bible history studies and we also spent some time drawing maps of Israel.

Garden of Eden map

Black Line Masters

An exercise that can also help children learn about countries is to print of black-line masters of different countries and have them fill in the major cities and topography. When I want a black line master map I simple use Google images and search black line master of the country I’m looking for.


Our World Map Journal includes continent map outlines.


Pleasant Talk of Places includes questions and individual questions about continents.



 Google Earth

Another resource for looking at the worlds topography is Google Earth – so much to explore there. You can look at topography of countries in some cases you can get so specific you can even find your own home.

google earth

Hopscotch 5 Days Sharing On Homeschool Topics

This is the first of my five day series Around the World in 5 Days – homeschool geography. Check out the schedule and follow along.

Visit the ihomeschool Hopscotch page for a list of more interesting topics by homeschool blogging mums,

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