Homeschool Expectations – Joy stealers on the homeschool journey

Homeschool expectations

It is the start of a new year and I have been chatting with a few mums who are new to homeschooling. These mums are very conscientious in their approach. They are trying to make sure they do it properly but many of them seem anxious, they are worried they are not doing it as well as they could. This I believe is because we bring into homeschooling a few myths of what we are like and what our homeschool day should look like.

As a new homeschool mum the overarching feeling that I could do better was a joy stealer to my day-week-month. My expectation for my day was a truly an impossible expectation. I had superwoman standards and was only a Lois Lane. Over the years I have identified some of these myths and I hope to expand more on these in a few more posts.

10 Unrealistic Homeschool Expectations

1.That I can work hard the whole day accomplishing all the household tasks and never get a minute to myself.
2.That if I can do it I should do it.
3.That I should be able to run 4-6 hours of exciting activities for my children to do.
4.That my children should never be bored.
5.That I should do interesting science experiments daily or at least once a week.
6.That my children will always enjoy their lessons (or never enjoy their lessons)
7.That my house will always look tidy
8.That I should be available for all who want me.
9.I should not be tired
10.That I have it all together.

Homeschool Expectations

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  1. Teigan  March 3, 2018

    What wonderful comments, and advice, from you all. Thank you Michelle. My children and I were burning out trying to model a school system. In my haste to be that ‘perfect’ model of teacher, mother, housekeeper, wife and community citizen with my transition to homeschooling; I have missed my Mother moments.
    So anxious to give them the best education, terrified of all the parents around me who buck at a formal education. Worried if there are no workbooks; how will I gauge their learning.
    With my transition to homeschooling, I have forgotten the real choice behind this. To have them with me learning, to protect their beautiful personalities and let them grow in a loving supportive environment. To tailor and encourage their natural intrests.
    To walk together in their education. The word that has gained such negative connotations and yet its root comes from ‘educate’. The simple process of imparting knowledge for reason or judgement. The chance to grow in love and support.
    So I will from here.
    Have more tea parties.
    Catch more crickets.
    Read more often because I forgot the joy it gives us all.
    Notice when they seek answers, help each other and open doors for ladies and smile and say hello to our local baker, butcher and grocery cashiers.
    Remember all the good that is in them and all the compliments I recieve about them.
    Enjoy the museums, theatre and nature rambles and know, deep down, that it is an enriching search for truth even if it isn’t in a book.
    Be kind to myself.
    Make tea.
    Enjoy each day.


    • MR Morrow  March 8, 2018

      That sounds wonderful!

  2. Cait Fitz @ My Little Poppies  March 26, 2015

    I might print these and hang where I can remember them 🙂 Thank you!

    • Michelle  March 28, 2015

      Go right ahead! Glad you found them helpful.

  3. Pepe  February 22, 2011

    After reading the points of being a first time homeschool mum, I will be honest I had put in my mind that I need to be superwoman, but since the first day of skool, with everything in place it has been very stressful, so now I am starting to realise it is a lifestyle and my children are progressing at their pace and not being taught like robots..thank you, without God in my plans it sure is not worth it in the long run.
    I will definitely learn more from you experienced homeschool mums.
    God bless

  4. Renelle  February 17, 2011

    I was that new home school mum! How stressful. You’ve really got me thinking.

    1. I can’t (don’t) work all day, especially without a cuppa.
    2. Even if I could do it I wouldn’t because the kiddo’s and I would burn out and hate it.
    3. I definitely do not think I should/need to schedule every activity of the day – I think it would strip them of so many things. For eg. free play, imagination, self motivation, ability to use time creatively or constructively, ability to develop their own relationships with ideas/activities/people.
    4. I hope when my kids do feel bored that they learn how much there is to do, read, create, think about, learn, to be self motivated.
    5. Science happens everyday anyway. Science experiments are great but more so if they are internally motivated.There is a time and place for everything.
    6. When God teaches me something, sometimes it is a painful process, I don’t enjoy it but I learn. Sometimes our (& our students) preconceived ideas are wrong, we just might enjoy it or benefit from a lesson (oh my).
    7. One day I will take a “REAL” photo and show you what my house looks like most days, HA!
    8. When I give constantly to others I start spreading myself too thinly to the detriment of my family, marriage, time with God. My kids need me now more than ever, one day they will be grown and then gone! It goes so quickly. Just because I am home, doesn’t mean I am at ‘home’ or available.
    9. I am always tired. I need to love myself enough to go to bed earlier (even if our home is still messy)That’s why our homeschool is not school it is a lifestyle.
    10. I do not have it all together and need God everyday. In reality every effort I put in without God is worthless in the long run.

    God uses us to encourage one another.

    Blessings, Renelle

    • Michelle Downunder  February 17, 2011

      Renelle that is a fantastic comment. I know that many new homeschool mums need to read this type of information.
      Thanks for your input.

    • Anne  August 24, 2017

      Thank you so very much Renelle & Michelle!



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