Homeschool High School Math Curriculum

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Homeschool Highschool

Stage 4 to 5 (Year 7 to 10)

I’m fine with primary school math but my high school math is rusty from about year 8.

When it comes to choosing a high school math textbook I have investigated many options.

Many homeschool math curriculums use the American syllabus which is quite different to the Australian syllabus in its sequencing but in the end all the same topics are covered.

US curriculums also use imperial measurements and some maths terms that we don’t use in Australia.

Here are a few math options for highschool.

Australian Curriculum

I personally like and use  Math-On-Line Australia.

  • It has video tutorials for all the lessons.
  • The documentation for your records is very good
  • The homeschool discount makes it very affordable.

We also add revision to our math online using ALBOE. It is daily revision written for Australian homeschoolers.

Refresh your Year 6 to 8 child’s math knowledge daily with this math revision resource. Each lesson is filled with A Little Bit OEverything from the Australian Math Curriculum Year 6 – 7 outcomes. It will work well with your main math resource.

  • You will find this is an excellent addition to your child’s daily math.
  • You only need to allocate 5 to 10 minutes a day to complete each lesson.
  • Space is provided for working out answers.
  • It can be used for multiple children within the family.
  • Answers are provided in the back of the book and can be separated for easy marking.

  • Math-U-See is also very popular for Math but I have never used it. You can buy an Australian version which uses Australian money and the metric system. They will also do special printing versions if you need coloured paper for dyslexia and special binding for lefties. However it still follows the American system.
  • Signpost Math and other Australian School textbooks can also be used but they are written for math teachers so you may find if you are not good at math yourself you flounder.

USA & Other Country Curriculums

  • Singapore Math curriculums are very good also but they are school textbooks. They do follow the Australian curriculum quite well and they use the metric system which saves all the conversion problems that you get  with US curriculums. You can buy these from Education Reformation.
  • Saxon Math is very comprehensive and will give your kids a good grounding but it is American
  • Life of Fred is a good fun read but not good as a single curriculum. American
  • Right Start Math is also American
  • Teaching Textbooks is quite popular because it is a computer based course. Many homeschoolers use this.

Get How To Homeschool High School Guide.

Homeschool Highschool