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For high school this subject is about 50 hours per year. That is about 1-2 hours per week.

However since this curriculum is so literature based you can also use much of this suggested curriculum for teaching English as well. we used living books for these topics.

Find out why I teach so much history in my curriculum.

Scan our book lists for some ideas.

Homeschool High School History – Stage 4 (Year 7 – 8 )

Only a brief overview is expected (10% of the teaching time) and then three in-depth studies are required over the each year.

Over 2 year there is a focus on Ancient history and then Ancient to Modern World.

50 hours per year (approximately 1.25 hours per week) has been allocated to this subject.

Only 10% of the time has been allocated to giving a broad overview of the curriculum and then six in-depth studies are required.

If you desire to do more hours focusing on this subject choose historical subject matter for your English assignments.

Please note there is no specific coverage of British history or Jewish History in this Australian curriculum.

1. Ancient World

– this begins with the origins of man. The National curriculum content comes from the evolutionary assumption of origins of man and the Africa theory. It also covers archaeology and fossils. In our family we still teach archaeology and inform our kids of the other theories out their about the origins of man but we use a Biblical world view and the Bible as the historical base for teaching the origins of man.

See Our Ancient History Booklist

2. Mediterranean World

– This includes the civilizations of Greece, Rome and Egypt. You are only expected to teach one of these civilizations in-depth. When you study Ancient Rome you can also incorporate that into the study of the origins of Christianity and Jewish history. This is also the perfect time to teach Bible/Jewish history although not required by the National Curriculum. We have already taught this topic extensively in the primary years. Egypt and Greece naturally fall into Biblical world history as well.

See our Ancient Rome and Greece Booklist

3. Asian World

You can choose India or Chinese Ancient History This includes the history of China including Confucius and the Emperors around 2000BC to the Song Dynasty 1200AD.

See our Asian History Booklist

Year 8 – Middle Ages

You will cover from the fall of the Roman Empire around 4th Century to 17th Century. From the three focus topics below areas you are supposed to pick one from each group to do an in depth study. Links are booklist suggestions.

1. Western and Islamic Worlds

(a) The Vikings

(b) Italian Renaissance

(c) Medieval Europe – this is the only place that British history is suggested for study it could also include the Crusades

(d) Byzantine and Ottoman Empire – The rise of Islam.

2. The Asia – Pacific World

(a) Angkor/Khmer Empire

(b) Japan and the Shoguns

(c) Polynesian Expansion across the Pacific

3. Expanding Contacts

(a) Mongol Expansion

(b) Spanish Conquest of America

(c) Black Death of Asia, Europe and Africa

Homeschool High School History – Stage 5 (Year 9 – 10 )

If you wish you can continue on with the final books in the Story of The World Series- Modern History. (Don’t forget you can always use the audio books).

Over a two year period (Year 9 – 10) six focus areas are to be chosen. One from each list:

1. Making a Better World – Year 9

2. In-depth Asia or more Australia History – Year 9

3. World War I – 1917 – Year 9

4. World War II – Year 10

5 -6. Rights and Freedoms & The Globalising World – Year 10

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