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Here are some suggestions that will help you cover the geography content in the National Curriculum for high school. 50 hours per year is allocated to geography.

There are nine focus topics, two per year and geography skills all years.

You can cover these in the National Curriculum order or just use the suggested book lists. I have shown were the books fit in to particular topics.

Where extra content is needed I have made more suggestions.

Geography books that will cover a substantial portion of the National Curriculum are:

You can read through these books or use specific chapters as mentioned in below.

Discover Downunder will give you the Australian examples that you need. Using the notebooking pages you can cover much of the physical geography needed.

  • Geography Alive is a Australian school textbook some people use to cover this subject.

For Australian content on environmental issues you can watch ABC shows like Landline (a weekly show on farming and agricultural issues) and Gardening Australia which often have specialty programs on sustainability and the Australian environment. Make narration notes on these also if desired.

Geography Focus Topics

For your convenience I have listed how the some of the resources meet the current geography curriculum.

1. Geography Enquiry and Skills (Year 7-10)

  • Discover Downunder Pages 4-5
  • North Star Geography Lesson 1 -3
  • Parker Chapter 1
  • Runkle Chapter 1 – 4

2. Water in the World (Year 7)

This topic examines water as a renewable resource and how it is used in the environment. It covers rivers, oceans and environment al hazard. Studies are drawn from rivers across the world and Australian rivers.

  • North Star Geography Lesson 5.2 and Lesson 7
  • Discover Downunder Pages 6,8,20,21,22,23
  • Runke Chapter 7 -11

3. Places and Livability (Year 7)

This topic examines how livable a place can be and how can it be improved for better conditions.

  • North Star Geography Lesson 10
  • Discover Downunder 10 – 19 These chapters reflect on the states and territories and where people live.

Some Australian books that could be used to cover this topic are:

  • We of The Never Never by Jeanie Gunn. This book talks about a woman leaving civilization to go and live in the outback. It shows the challenges that people face. It also includes the contrast of the Aboriginal lifestyle in the same area.
  • Flynn of the Inland by Ion Idriess. A book that follows the passion of Reverend John Flynn and his passion to set up medical services for the people of Outback Australia. He founded the Royal Flying Doctors Service
  • River Murray Mary by Colin Thiele This book talks about life along the Murray river and why people moved there and what challenges they faced.

4. Landforms and Landscapes (Year 8)

This topic focuses on investigating geomorphology of landscapes and their landforms. It examines individual landforms.

  • Discover Downunder – Study the Great Dividing Range, Volcanoes, World Heritage Sites, Agricultural issues in Australia and Australian World Heritage sites. Pages 9, 26, 28, 30
  • North Star Geography Lesson 5 – 6
  • Runkle Chapter 5 – 6

5. Changing Nations (Year 8)

Changing nations investigates the changing human geography of countries, as revealed by shifts in population distribution.

If you wanted to look at the historical effects of urbanization and the industrial revolution in England.

  • You could look at the work of William Booth.
  • Charles Dicken’s books Oliver Twist, David Copperfield and Little Dorrit plus Catherine Gaskell’s North and South are all set in this period and are good for looking at the negative benefits of industrialization.
  • Window and Home by Jeannie Baker (although picture books they explore the effects of urbanization)
  • Arrival City: How the Largest Migration in History Is Reshaping our world by Doug Saunders (also suggested for Year 10 – Geographies of Well Being. I would wait till then as it’s a substantial book)

6. Biomes and Food Security (Year 9) Focuses on biomes of the world, food production and food security.

  • North Star Geography Lesson 9 & 12
  • Parker Chapter 2- 4 , 7-11
  • Discover Downunder Page 28

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins– This is a book about social justice and one of the main themes is food security. This will be a controversial choice for some as it is a science fiction novel.

7.Geographies and Interconnections (Year 9) This topic focus on how people are connected to the world and place in a variety of ways. It also investigated the effects of globalisation.

  • Discover Downunder Page 32
  • My Place by Sally Morgan . If you haven’t already read this book it fits in this category well.
  • The Globalisation Tapes
  • North Star Geography Lesson 13

8. Environmental Change and Management ( Year 10)

This topic looks at how man-made changes can affect the environment.

One Australian environment such as land, inland water, coast, marine or urban needs to be studied and compared to at least one other country.

  • Parker Chapter 14-15 Pollution
  • Discover Downunder – Great Artesian Basin p 20 Compare to another countries inland water supply i.e. Kenya
  • North Star Geography Lesson 8 & 11 Climate change and environmental stewardship

9. Geographies of Human Well being (Year 10)

This unit examines the different concepts and measures of human well-being, and the causes of global differences in these measures between countries.

It looks at how people live including the space they have for living.

It looks the differences between different countries and issues such as poverty.

  • North Star Geography Lesson 10 & 13 & 14

I’m sure there are many human well-being books out there. These are two I know of. They are purely suggestions. They are for older children as they are meaty books.

  • Nomad: From Islam to America: A Personal Journey Through the Clash of Civilizations by Ayaan Hirsi Ali Arrival City:
  • How the Largest Migration in History Is Reshaping our World by Doug Saunders

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