Homeschool High School Ideas


Homeschooling high school brings with it a new set of challenges that were not there in the primary years.

  • Your kids begin maturing and they need to be treated differently.
  • Their academic lessons often begin to outstrip your knowledge bank as parents.
  • Their need for friendship often goes beyond the borders of family and a few family friends.
  • You need to prepare for their graduation from high school.

Homeschool Curriculum Guide Year 7 to 10

I’ve often been asked when will I have a homeschool high school guide on my website. And here it is!

Homeschool Highschool

According to the Australian Curriculum the following subjects are to be taught in high school. The NSW Board of Studies allocates the following learning time to subjects.

Follow the links for curriculum suggestions.
Compulsory Subjects (80% of the curriculum)

Choose 2 of these 4 (20% of the Curriculum)

Note: These can be swapped around throughout the years and change which two you are studying.

  • Personal Development Health and Physical Education
  • Creative and Practical Arts
  • Languages
  • Design and Technology

Homeschool Methods For High School

My methodology for high school is eclectic but I still use Charlotte Mason’s ideas for many high school subjects.

We still use lots of notebooking, narrations and living books however I rely on textbooks more in the high school years.

Start Looking At Options In High School

Children love to dream about what they want to be when they grow up. But it’s not always obvious what career path they will take when they leave school. Throughout the course of a child’s life they can often decide that they want a range of careers. Preparing for these dreams in the primary years is not often necessary as their ideas change with time.

The time to start looking for clues is when they get to high school. Now you can begin to help them discover what they like doing and what their gifts and talents are. You can facilitate this by taking your children to career expos and arranging work experience, sometimes your child will just know.

You can also try a Careers Advisor Quiz to get some ideas.

Year 7 & 8 Preparation For The Hard Stuff

According to Lee Binz from The Homeschool Scholar, Year 7 and Year 8 are really just consolidating years and getting children up to speed and ready to handle the harder high school work. Some children are mature enough to progress to the harder work earlier, others are not. I found this analogy helpful as I was able to just focus on skill development rather than ploughing through material. I wait for them to mature and just keep working on consolidating.

I try to think about what standard of high school work I expect. Then I ask myself if my kids are ready for that work. My plan involves working is on ways to improve those skills. I contemplate – are they ready to:

  • Write up science experiments – if not let’s coach in that.
  • Could they write an essay –no they couldn’t, let’s work on how to do that.
  • Can they study a novel – let’s do a novel study together.
  • Can they think about issues critically – let’s try to get them to compare two ideas.

I wait for their reading ability to really be ready before we get to the harder stuff. I remember reading that a particular Christian book should be read in year 8. My daughter absolutely baulked at it then. In year 10 she happily read the book without me having to encourage her.

My High School Experience

My two oldest are now studying their tertiary degrees on-campus, one is studying to be a doctor, the other is communications. Both got into their courses without a HSC. My oldest son attended a local high school full time for 3.5 years till he was 16 and then he started a part time university degree through Open University. My daughter started a degree through Open University at 16 as well.

Open University was their stepping stone to entrance into their respective universities. You can read more about university entrance here.

My two youngest who have never been to school are still doing their high school studies.

I think high school can be easier than primary school years if you have spent the primary years setting up good working habits and gradually increasing independence. These days my high schoolers almost run the show themselves. I just help plan and provide assistance when necessary. Gone are the days of attending lots of excursions and catch ups with friends. We school 5 days a week and don’t finish till around 2 or 3pm.  I do have stay home most days so lessons get done but I can also spend a lot of the time doing my own thing and letting them get on with their work. I can also go out on my own when necessary.

My High School Curriculum Plans

Here are some blog posts on what I’ve used recently. This is a work in progress.

I’m not in a race to get my homeschooled child finished by 17 years old. If it takes me a year (or two) longer then so be it. My goal is educating my child not finishing school. Once my child has decided what they want to do I find they get motivated to achieve their goal quick smart and this can speed up the process anyway.
is sometimes easier to mix and match your content so that you can teach children together.

Get  How To Homeschool High School Guide.

Homeschool Highschool