Australian curriculum and homeschooling

The Australian National Curriculum

The Australian National Curriculum is the Australian Federal Government’s attempt to standardise the education syllabi around Australia. This new syllabus is being implemented through out all the states and territories’ schools in Australia. You can find the full government curriculum here.

Queensland, Northern Territory, ACT, South Australia and Tasmania have all followed the Australian Curriculum as laid out in the government website. NSW, WA and Victoria have incorporated the national curriculum into their own state syllabi.

The new national curriculum is an outcome based curriculum. Outcome based curriculums are the new favourite catch phrase in education, another way to phrase it would be educational goals or objectives. They talk about what you want to achieve rather than focusing on what was taught.

Australian Homeschoolers And The National Curriculum

NSW and WA are currently the only states to have their homeschool registration linked to the Australian Curriculum. Currently all other homeschoolers can decide whether to follow the Australian curriculum.

For those studying in NSW and WA who are worried that the state syllabus and the Australian Curriculum do not match exactly do not fret. You only need to base your homeschool program on the state syllabus.  

“the educational program identifies the intended learning outcomes BASED ON the relevant Board of Studies syllabus and relevant content.” NSW Homeschool Registration Package 2013.

Since the NSW syllabus is based on the Australian Curriculum differences are minimal and your program only needs to be based on the NSW Board of Studies syllabus which is, as mentioned, based on the Australian Curriculum anyway.

Here is an explanation of the differences between the NSW Syllabus and the Australian Curriculum.

Victoria has no requirements for following a curriculum. All other states and territories allow homeschoolers to make up their own curriculum but they also require you to show some planning.

Planning exactly to the Australian Curriculum is problematic as many of the homeschool resources and homeschool methods that we use don’t fit neatly into the way the Australian curriculum has been written but don’t worry you can fiddle with the sequence that you teach.

Incorporating Charlotte Mason and the Australian Curriculum Into Your Homeschool

When the Australian Curriculum came out I spent some time looking at how the Charlotte Mason Method and various subjects matched up. Here are a few of my thoughts about those musings.

If you are homeschooling in Australia you may want, or need to, incorporate the Australian curriculum into you homeschool plans. In order to do that you will need to become familiar with the it.

Subject Guides and Product Descriptions Include Australian Curriculum Information

I’ve added descriptions on how the core subjects (except Maths) and most of my products slot into National Curriculum.

Australian Homeschool Curriculum Guides

These Australian Homeschool Curriculum Guides will help you see how to incorporate the Australian National Curriculum into your homeschool. These guides won’t tell you exactly what to teach but they will lead you in the right direction.

The basic planning and research is done for you, some books are suggested but you still have flexibility and choice—now all you have to do is access the required books, work out a schedule and begin teaching your child.

I’ve written these curriculum guides with an Australian homeschooler in mind. I’ve also incorporated many of the ideas of Charlotte Mason.

Australian Homeschool Curriculum Guide – Foundation To Year Two
Australian Homeschool Curriculum Guide – Year Three to Year Six
Highschool Year 7 to Year 10 Curriculum (Stage 4 & 5)