Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling

Getting Ready To Start Homeschooling

Learning how to homeschool is more important than finding out what to teach. It’s my experience that many new homeschooling parents spend a great deal of time focusing on the curriculums and completely missing the fact that they have to teach them. As a new zealot to home educating I used to believe that anyone could homeschool, but after years of seeing people begin and then stop shortly after, I can see that it does require certain elements in order to homeschool successfully. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are getting ready to homeschool.

1. Do You Have A Desire To Homeschool

There is a homeschooling book with the title For the Children’s Sake, and I think that this encompasses for many the ideology of homeschooling. We are making a choice to homeschool based on what we think is best for our children.We are not making a decision for other parents’ children, just our own.

2. Are You Willing To Make The Sacrifice

The next element that needs to be considered when home educating is, are you able and willing to make the sacrifice to educate your children at home? Educating children is a serious undertaking and schools are there for a reason. Education is important!

Homeschooling Disadvantages

Am I Missing Out – Disadvantages of Homeschooling

One of the big perceived disadvantages of homeschooling is that a mother has to give up too much to homeschool. At times I do have twinges when I wonder if that is true.
The other day I got a little jealous when one of my friends told me what she had been up to while her kids were at school. I felt indignant. I was missing out on … Read More

3. Are You Ready To Become A Learner And A Teacher

The last key element for successful homeschooling is that parents need to be willing to become learners themselves. Not only do you need to learn about what to teach but you also have to learn how to teach it. It’s not that we need school teacher training but rather that we need homeschool teacher training. We need to learn how to make homeschool happen and not exhaust ourselves in the process.

We need to learn:

  • how to make homeschooling a lifestyle,
  • how to tailor the homeschool to our children’s needs,
  • how to get organised,
  • how to teach character and critical thinking.
  • We need to learn what holistic education looks like and how we can achieve that.

All these things form the foundation of home education.

How To Homeschool 101 Will Help You Start Well

Homeschooling is like gold mining. Hollowing out the mine, making the goldmine secure, setting up the framework so that the mine doesn’t collapse on top of you is essential before you can extract the nuggets.

How To Homeschool 101

How to Homeschool 101 is the information you need before you start the digging. It will help you to avoid the homeschool collapsing, help you identify educational Fool’s Gold and show you how to find treasure in your children. It’s not about specific curriculums or how to teach specific subjects. Rather it’s your induction training package. Forget about curriculums for now. As you can buy the best curriculums available but if you don’t work out how to facilitate learning in your child the curriculums won’t be utilized properly, if at all.

More How To Start Homeschooling

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Prepare Your Own Homeschool Program ebook

At the end of the two weeks you will have the knowledge to write an inspiring homeschool plan for your child which can also be used for homeschool registration.

Lesson topics include:
Lesson 1 – Homeschool Vision and Philosophy
Lesson 2 – How To Make Your Own Planner
Lesson 3 – Preparing A Course of Study
Lesson 4 – Organising Your Homeschool Lessons
Lesson 5 – Keeping Your Homeschool Records
Lesson 6 – Myths To Homeschool Planning
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  1. Ash  March 1, 2019

    Hi Michelle I am just in the beginning s of homeschooling my 14 yr old daughter (she’s been out of public school a week now) I was wondering should I read homeschooling 101 Before reading homeschooling high school?

  2. Michelle  June 27, 2017

    Hi Michelle, the link to comes up with an error. Is this no longer available?


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