3. Get Active

Get active

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”  Mark Twain

I think when you are homeschooling it can be very difficult to exercise. Gyms, exercise classes, power walks and jogs are not usually a kid free option.  You may be a naturally energetic person and if fitness is a priority, you will make it happen. But for many homeschool mums fitness seems an allusive goal especially if you have some underlying medical condition.

Don’t give up and put it all in the too hard basket, our bodies were made to move and in our sedentary state we need to compensate for our lack of physical activity. When we exercise we increase our circulation, get rid of toxins and strengthen our heart muscles. Exercise improves sleep, mood and helps regulate sugars.  Physical fitness is important for a long healthy and productive life.

Remember it is not just you who needs to exercise – your kids do as well. They may need some strategies to get moving.

As a homeschool mum there are things that you can do that will boost your fitness and boost your energy:

  • Get active – when I went to Weight Watchers a few years back they emphasised the importance of just being more active. Park the car a little further and walk. Play an active game with the kids. Take the kids for a swim. Get on your feet more!
  • Try intensive workouts – some studies are showing quick intensive workouts are just as good as prolonged slower paced workouts. The Seven Minute Workout which you can have as a phone app or do via YouTube, is a quick over-and-done-with exercise routine that has a good scientific base.
  • Nature walks have many benefits including sunshine and exercise.

Play music and dance with the kids. What little child doesn’t enjoy having a boogie with mummy!

Healthy Homeschool Habits – Proven Ways To Buy Back Time for the Things That Matter Most.

Healthy Homeschool Habits