End of Homeschool Term To Do List – 3 Simple Things

End of Homeschool term to do list

End of Homeschool Term To Do List

It’s always good to have a mental end of homeschool term to do list. Here are three simple things you can do. I find it makes the holidays go smoothly and it also helps me feel prepared to start the next term organised.

1. Tidy up the school desks and boxes

Putting away the school work while you are on a holidays helps you and the kids to take a mental break. Tuck them away in a corner. Out of sight, out of mind.


2. Assess progress during the term

Write up their homeschool term report for the term and write a quick plan for term two.

I see how much they have completed and if I need to make some adjustments for the next term.

I often find I’m a little behind – ever the optimist but sometimes we get through more than expected. Writing up a term report only takes me an hour or two.

Homeschool Documentation

Order any extra resources

If you need to order some new resources it’s a good idea to plan your purchases now so that the new term isn’t wasted while you’re waiting for things to arrive.

Allow three weeks for your overseas orders.

What’s on your end of homeschool term TO-DO-List?

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