Co Learning With Your Kids – Win Win

 co learning with your kids

Why Co Learning Helps Your Homeschool

When I first embarked on this journey of homeschooling I knew there was a lot I didn’t know. I skimmed through school very middle of the road. School was a good opportunity to socialise. I was a reader but the quality of the books I read were pretty trashy. I went on to university and a career and became much more studious because it mattered but my general knowledge was pretty dodgy.

My geography understanding was poor, my spelling needed work, times tables definitely needed a brush up and my general knowledge of what a good education should look like was lacking.

However I started homeschooling with the attitude I should be able to manage kindergarten, and after a year of kindergarten I thought, “I can do first class”.

And then as the years marched on I realised that I could co learn with my kids. My satisfaction in re-learning things I thought I should already know was making home education a bonus for me as well as the kids. A win-win situation.

How To Choose What To Co Learn

One of the best ways to co learn with your kids is to read aloud together. As a child I grew up on Enid Blyton and progressed to romance novels. I hadn’t been introduced to the classics. In my first years of homeschooling I devoured many of these children’s books with my kids. Winnie the Poo, Beatrix Potter, Snuggle Pot and Snuggle Pie, Blinky Bill, Little House on the Prairie, Black Beauty were all on my reading list and as my children enjoyed these for the first time so did I.

Whilst I don’t use a lot of textbooks for teaching sometimes I need them if I’m clueless about a topic. Using a teacher’s manual in these circumstances is also a great way to learn as you teach your lessons. We are using a grammar resource at the moment that helps me brush up on my grammar. I’m only a little ahead of the kids in this one.

I love an excursion. Museums, art galleries, expos and fairs are all wonderful places to take the kids for a fun day. They are also a great place to learn. Attending these places with a curious attitude spurs the kids and you to make the most of the adventure.

Researching a topic of interest is also an opportunity to learn with your kids. As I’ve helped my kids write-up a narration, or find out how to use software I learn as well. My history knowledge was abysmal before I began homeschooling and now it is greatly improved. It’s also become a favourite topic for me.

Co learning has also made me more aware of the importance of choosing resources that are interesting. And if I think if resources are dead boring then I shouldn’t be surprised that my kids do also. It’s made me thoughtful in what I choose for my kids lessons.

Co Learning With Your Kids Is Enriching

Since I have been homeschooling I have been able to enjoy some wonderful co learning experiences with my children. I’ve also been able to refresh my education and I’ve been stretched to learn more. My love for learning and for learning along side my children has meant that I have seen the benefits for me as well as the benefits for my children.

My kids love me being involved in what they are doing and I feel like I’m learning along with them.

If you haven’t tried it – I encourage you to do so!

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  1. Linda  April 28, 2019

    Hi Michelle,

    I am considering home schooling my son who is currently in year 6 and heading to highschool next year.
    Will he be disadvantaged by not going to highschool and having things like woodwork and other electives at his disposal. Also he is not very motivated to do homework, so do you think home schooling could be successful.
    I eagerly await your reply

    • Michelle  June 14, 2019

      Yes many families successfully homeschool through the high school years.

  2. Sonya  February 3, 2016

    Hi Michelle I would like to consider to homeschool my children. I don’t have a Uni degree I have only gone as far as a cert 3 and I am unsure whether I am smart enough to do homeschooling. And with home schooling does it effect their social skills being that they aren’t getting through a normal schooling environment? Out of curiosity. Thanks 🙂

    • Michelle  February 4, 2016

      Studies showed in the USA that the level of a parent’s education was not as much a factor in a child’s achievements. Commitment to learning from the parent. I have found learning with the kids wonderful. This could be your time to brush up on the things you wish you knew. You learn as you go.

  3. Meredith  May 7, 2015

    I have enjoyed learning along with my kiddos for our homeschool journey (14+ years) and counting 🙂 Great ideas Michelle, thanks for sharing!

    • Michelle  May 7, 2015

      14 years plus -me too! And I never seem to run out of books to read in our homeschool.

  4. Kim  May 5, 2015

    I am just realising all this as I embark on first class with my daughter in our first year of homeschooling. I am learning so much already and have renewed my interest in learning after a long time away from uni and a career. A very refreshing article! Thanks Michelle☆

    • Michelle  May 5, 2015

      Thanks Kim! It just keeps getting better. The older they are the more complex the things you learn.

  5. Melissa  May 5, 2015

    Hi Michelle. I love your posts 🙂 This is wonderful. I feel exactly the same! I am learning so much with my children. It’s one of the true beauties about home schooling.
    Thank You!

    • Michelle  May 5, 2015

      Yes Melissa relearning is such a great opportunity. Now we can feel justified reading books on the couch in the middle of the day.

      • Melissa  May 5, 2015

        I need to justify that?


  6. Jenn  May 5, 2015

    Thanks Michelle, this type of blog is exactly what I was talking about in my answer to yr survey. Personal, insightful and encouraging.


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