Chemistry for Kids – Eddie the Electron

Chemistry for kids

Chemistry For Kids Book

This is a simple first chemistry and physics book that introduces the concepts of electrons to children.

Eddie is a tiny electron who lives in a helium balloon. Through his hopes and desires for adventure he explains the abstract concepts of atom size, charge and electron bonding basics.

Eddie is Small

Understanding how small an electron is can be hard for children to grasp. The author, Melissa Rooney, a chemist, explains this essential component of chemistry for kids very well.

Eddie is Negative

Children will recognise that Eddie has a negative attitude and is bored in his current circumstances. This deliberate character flaw helps demonstrates that all electrons are negatively charged which is another basic concept necessary in understanding atom anatomy.

Eddie is Noble

Eddie is one of two electrons in an inert gas helium atom. This means this atom doesn’t react with other gases and its very stable.  When Eddie wants to separate from his partner electron, he can’t, and although he can escape the balloon he can’t bond with other atoms.

Eddie is Full of Energy

Atoms are the building blocks of energy and Eddie is full of it. Rushing to and fro to tell his story Eddy communicates his abundant energy in fast paced explanations.

Eddie the Electron is filled with simple cartoon illustrations that children will relate to. It’s a science story not a textbook.


On the first reading of this story a child may just enjoy reading about this perky little electron, but it deserves more than one read to draw out the basic concepts of atom anatomy and bonding basics that have been cleverly introduced by the author Melissa Rooney.


Disclaimer: I rarely do paid reviews but I was compensated for this review and did receive a free copy. My opinions are honestly given.

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