Charlotte Mason Principles-The Sacredness of Personality

cahrlotte mason sacredness of personality

The Sacredness of Personality – Charlotte Mason’s Principle

Charlotte Mason saw the uniqueness of a child’s personality and she felt this was ignored by many educators. She wanted the teacher/parent to respect the personality of a child and not place the burden of conformity on an individual.

She emphasised some of the pitfalls that are present when educating a child, that on the surface look like a “good thing” but in reality they hinder education; for they encourage a child to perform for external sources rather than a love of learning or knowledge.

Charlotte sees that there are hindrances to education and that out of proportion they will retard or extinguish a child’s love of learning. Here is a list of the pitfalls.

  • Fear—do it or else!
  • For your sake as a duty of love
  • Suggestion -teaches what to think rather than how to think.
  • Influence of the teacher. Idolizing the teacher above the learning.
  • Need for approval
  • The desire of excelling. Working for “marks and prizes” alone.
  • Ambition of others can hinder a child as they are dominated by the stronger personality.
  • Society and social class expectations—what a child may need to know.

charlotte mason sacredness of personality

It is evident that our culture does employ all of these strategies as motivators to learn and these can be detrimental. Charlotte Mason is encouraging teachers to be aware of these pitfalls and not to use them unduly and therefore hamper a child by imposing our will over theirs or cultivating unhealthy desires in their hearts.

Once again after reading CM I am challenged by the responsibility of teaching and thankful that we, as a homeschooling family, are able to avoid some of the pitfalls that are present in school. I am not, for example, subject to the lottery of teachers that a school provides. I understand that it is important to develop a love of learning but I also believe that these “pitfalls” can motivate and should have a “use with caution” label on them.

Professional Development Resource for Homeschool Teachers

Inspired by Charlotte Mason is for you the home educator. You as the teacher need professional development and this ebook will help you teach. It’s not about resources; it’s the reasons behind teaching the Charlotte Mason way.

Inspired by Charlotte Mason will familiarise you with Charlotte Mason the educator and her core beliefs so you can understand how to implement her ideas and make them suit your homeschool.

Inspired by charlotte mason

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  1. Paula  May 6, 2010

    Yes, as home school teachers we are able to avoid some of the pitfalls, but not all of them and not all of the time. Home educators can also feel pressure. It is a good thing to frequently remind us of the wise words of CM. Thank you!

  2. Michelle  May 5, 2010

    Thank you for the award Renelle. It is a great compliment. I wont claim it because I haven't got time to pass it on but it was very thoughtful.



  3. Renelle  May 4, 2010

    hi again Michelle,
    Just wanted you to know that I have 'listed 'you as one of my most inspiring blogs and have given you the sunshine award. Claim it if you wish or just visit to see. I just thought I'd use this as an opportunity to let some bloggers know I appreciate their efforts to blog and look forward to your posts. Blessings, Renelle

  4. joyfulmum  April 27, 2010

    Yea, I started out initially with a very different reason to homeschool my dd but now it's mainly "for the love of learning". Which is why I like CM.
    I so want my dd to have what I didn't have:)

  5. Renelle  April 27, 2010

    Carter only said to me this morning "…I have a good feeling inside mum"
    "What's that do you think Carter?"
    "I just feel good because I'm helping you"(with a smile beaming up at me). He was asking what could he do to help today, can he have extra chores.He had put clothes on the line, checked the chickens, cleaned his room, swept the floor and he had finished all his "school work" as well. I love it when you see you child motivated like this.I guess thats part of a natural reward for his decisions made. Feels good and right to have him home.


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