Catholic Homeschooling in Australia

Catholic Homeschooling

As Catholic homeschoolers we place emphasise on the Seasons of the Liturgical Year and the acknowledgment of the Saints and there Feast days.

As we are free from regular school times we can also attend weekday Masses, daily Rosary and teach our children the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Some of us like to end our school week attending Friday mass with our children.

One example of what you can do is have a prayer table using the colours of the Liturgical year to help you remember the Liturgical seasons. You can give the children ownership over the way it is set out.

Catholic Homeschooling Curriculum Links

Mater Amabalis This a Charlotte Mason style approach to homeschooling, with a distinctive Catholic flavour.

Seton Seton is structured using a workbook approach. It is an exceptional curriculum that has been helping families educate there children since 1981.

Catholic Mosiacs this has different flavour again- more living book and seasonal approach.

Catholic Curriculum Link A very helpful site giving all the Catholic homeschool curriculums with links and information about them all, including Kolbe, Our Lady of Victories, Our Lady of Divine Grace.

Useful Liturgical Website

Catholic Mom This a great site to help with religious education. Good resource for printing of Mass Lessons, Catholic Colouring in, etc.

Catholic Homeschooling Books:

To name just a few:

The Catholic Homeschool Companion- Wittman & Mackson

Designing your own Classical Curriculum- Laura Berquist

Catholic Homeschooling: Homeward Bound- Kimberley Hahn

Real Learning: Education in the heart of the home- Elizabeth Foss

Catholic Homeschooling Blogs:

A few blogs for your perusal. They have great ideas and encouragement.

Under her Starry Mantle

Do What Ever He Tells You

He knows my Name

Seven Little Australian

Roses Tea and Our Lady

Catholic Home Education Network

Catholic Homeschool Online Forums

These are great forums to help with all types of Homeschool, family, parenting issues.

4real learning This is the US site, which is very helpful.

Australian Catholic Homeschoolers

Catholic Homeschool Camps

Homeschool camps are a great way of meeting other Catholic families, although we do not have one here in Newcastle/ Hunter area, there are camps at Fitzroy Falls- 2 a year and Lennox Head- once a year.

These are both well run camps, that encompass both catechism, daily Mass, rosary as well as sport days and organised fun for every age group.

KIT is a great way to find out when they are on.

Latin Mass

We are blessed to have Latin Mass the 1st Tuesday of every month at

The Sacred Heart Cathedral, Hamilton.

We hope this has helped you in your search for a Catholic homeschooling curriculum and given you ideas for support networks.

Yours’ in the call to homeschool our children,

Written by Leanne and Trisha.