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Charlotte Mason English For 10 to 12 Year Olds.

How Do You Teach Charlotte Mason English Lessons

“I am thinking of taking a Charlotte Mason approach with English. Do you have any suggestions? My children are aged 10, 11, & 12. ” Nikki

Hi Nikki,

The first thing that I would say is that you should think of English as being a part of every lesson. If you do that you can incorporate writing and reading lessons into almost every subject. This may sound hard but it actually makes planning ...

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Secular Science Curriculum For Homeschool

Are There Any Australian Secular Science Curriculums for Homeschool?

Hi Michelle,

just wondering if you know of any good non religious Australian Science curriculums?

It’s not that I am anti religion. I consider myself spiritual and am happy with most Christian ideals and morals etc. I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around teaching science etc. from a religious point of view.

Kind thanks


Hi Kellie,

There are many options if you want to teach a secular science curriculum for homeschool. However you will find that ...

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