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Athanasius – Children’s Book Review

This term we are learning Church history along with our Middle Ages high school studies . I was keen to find biographies on people in the church. One of the stories I was looking for was on Athanasius from 300AD. He was a bishop in Alexandria who fought against heresy and upheld the teachings of the trinity.


Christian Biographies for Young Readers

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Own Your Life By Sally Clarkson

Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson is book with great maturity and hindsight.

If you’ve followed Sally’s homeschooling journey, you’ll know she has many pearls to share. It will speaks into your soul and encourage you to live a righteous holy life.

I will confess that it did take me a while to settle into the book but when I did there was much to glean.

Order your copy through Book Depository.

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10 Horse Books For Girls

Horse Books for Girls

Some girls just can’t get enough of horse books. And whilst my girls have never been addicted to these types of books, I know many who are.

However not all horse books are equal. Many of the horse books for girls are also filled with a substantial amount of teenage romance and can sometimes be quite nasty. There are ...

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Math Online – A Homeschool Review

When I look for a math curriculum I’m looking for a few things:

  1. Is it easy for my child to use? Is it well laid-out?
  2. Will my child feel like they are successful in math?
  3. Does the resource explain things well?
  4. How much help will I need to give them?
  5. Is it sequential? Can my child easily follow what is coming next?
  6. Does it fit well with the Australian curriculum? Does it use metric?
  7. Can I see progress with my child?
  8. Can I set the lesson times?
  9. Does it ...
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Hills End by Ivan Southall—Book Review

Hillsend by Ivan Southall

Hills End by Ivan Southall was the Australian Children’s Book Council book of the year in 1963. I can certainly see why. I just read this as a read aloud with my children and we were grabbed by the story after the first chapter.

The story is based around seven children who go on a bush walk with their school mistress instead of a town picnic. While ...

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Awesome Aotearoa by Margaret Mahy : A Book Review


I have just finished reading Awesome Aotearoa : Margaret Mahy’s History of New Zealand and I wanted to write this review while it was still fresh in my mind.

This book took about 5 hours to read and it is 128 pages. Many pages are filled with illustrations from political satirist Trace Hodgson.

This book gives a general overview of the history of New Zealand. Margaret is a ...

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