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Is the NESA Syllabus different from the Australian Curriculum?

NSW Curriculum and Nesa syllabus differences

Is the NESA Syllabus different from the Australian Curriculum?

  • BOSTES has changed its name to NESA

If you are getting registered to homeschool in NSW then you know that the NESA Home Schooling package requires your educational program to be based on the relevant board of studies syllabus and content.

I have often suggested that you can use ...

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Homeschool Workboxes

homeschool workboxes

Adding Structure To Your Day With Homeschool Workboxes

I’m a fairly unstructured person, my husband is the opposite. He was always telling me that I needed to be more organised with my homeschool and I would dutifully write up timetables and checklists but I never followed them and I never checked off my lists. If the day’s routine went askew ...

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