Mary MacKillop For Kids

Mary Mackillop For Kids

Mary MacKillop For Kids


Mary MacKillop’s story is a heartwarming tale that is especially precious for children.

Mary was an ordinary Victorian farm girl who devoted her life to the service of God and did great things for Australian and New Zealand families.

The Mary MacKillop’s Feast Day is celebrated on the 8th of August. This is also the date ...

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Charlotte Mason Homeschool History – It’s Too Much

Charlotte Mason Homeschool History

Why I Teach So Much History

Charlotte Mason Homeschool History

I think new homeschoolers are often astounded at how much history I put into my children’s home school curriculum. Mistakenly they assume I must be skimping on other important subjects in order to teach history because the primary school the NSW Syllabus suggests 6-10% of your time should be spent on ...

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Athanasius – Children’s Book Review

This term we are learning Church history along with our Middle Ages high school studies . I was keen to find biographies on people in the church. One of the stories I was looking for was on Athanasius from 300AD. He was a bishop in Alexandria who fought against heresy and upheld the teachings of the trinity.


Christian Biographies for Young Readers

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Australian Curriculum History & Charlotte Mason

Australian Curriculum and Charlotte Mason History

Australian Curriculum History

The The Australian Curriculum’s content is quite different from that suggested by Charlotte Mason.

A New Definition For History

The Australian Curriculum’s history content is really an  Australian Social Studies course for the first four years and no chronological history is taught at all. Their “history studies” are spent  working out what is past and ...

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Make a Family Tree



A rewarding and fun project to do with the kids is to make a family tree.

It’s good for teaching history.

Our kids found out that they had a convict past and that their family were some of the pioneers in the Southern Highlands district of NSW.

Family Tree Instructions

You will need a large piece of cardboard to make the family tree. Alternatively you could ...

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Margaret Catchpole – Example Narration

Example narration on Margaret Catchpole

Example Narration of Margaret Catchpole

This term one of Miss 11’s books was Margaret Catchpole by Nance Donkin.

Here is a narration that I asked her to do as a part of her history and English studies.

Margaret Catchpole by Nance Donkin ©1974

Margaret Catchpole arrived as a convict in Port Jackson on a transport ship called The Nile. The Governor ...

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