Mother’s Encouragement

My Homeschool Seminar 2019

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our first My Homeschool Seminar at Golden Grove, Sydney on Saturday June 1st!

Let’s Talk Planning

I have been to a number of get-togethers where the majority of homeschooling mums became the most animated when the topic of planning was raised.  Whether you love it (and your monthly menu plan is laminated and stuck on the fridge) or whether you groan that you never seem to be ready for anything, planning is ...

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Take Some Time To Rest These Holidays

Mother restingHolidays can sometimes seem more exhausting than school term. But it’s important to replenish ourselves for the next season of teaching.

Life can get very busy as the year rolls on and momentum builds.

Each month can make us feel a little more behind in our duties and instead of focusing on our progress we begin to become stressed about our lack ...

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Chore Time – Teaching your kids to work

 Chore Time

It’s Chore Time Kids!

Empty toilet paper rolls and damp crumpled towels litter the bathroom floor.  Wincing with pain I pick another Lego block from my foot as I pass one of the four clothes covered bedrooms. I’m ready to escape but I can’t! People are coming over tonight and this house needs to look like a home not a war zone. It’s chore time but I have to ...

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