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Chore Time – Teaching your kids to work

 Chore Time

It’s Chore Time Kids!

Empty toilet paper rolls and damp crumpled towels litter the bathroom floor.  Wincing with pain I pick another Lego block from my foot as I pass one of the four clothes covered bedrooms. I’m ready to escape but I can’t! People are coming over tonight and this house needs to look like a home not a war zone. It’s chore time but I have to ...

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The Anytime Spring Cleaning Challenge

spring cleaning

Anytime Spring Cleaning Challenge

When you are homeschooling your home never feels clean. There is always another job that can be done and another mess is always being made. Mopping the floor seems like an impossible task because little feet are always pottering and planning their next idea.

The Aroma of Life

It doesn’t take long for your home to turn into a ...

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Get Active – The Healthy Homeschool

3. Get Active

Get active

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”  Mark Twain

I think when you are homeschooling it can be very difficult to exercise. Gyms, exercise classes, power walks and jogs are not usually a kid free option.  You may be a naturally energetic person and if fitness is a priority, you will make it happen. But for many ...

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Homeschool Room Ideas – Organising Cupboards

Homeschool Room Ideas For Putting Everything In Its Place

Warning this is not a home beautiful post. This is however a post on homeschool room ideas that will help you see your beautiful home.

In my thirteen years of homeschooling we’ve generated and bought a lot of stuff.  I’ve had curriculum a-plenty come and go through my hands and I’ve had to make choices about what to do with it.

Here are some sorting ideas that I hope will help you get your ...

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31 Days To Clean — Week Three


How are you all going with the 31 days to clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way. challenge.

Day 13  of 31 Days To Clean

I’m hanging in there! Only 18 Days to clean left of my 31 Days to Clean.

I skipped the wall washing and cleaned one curtain.

I vacuumed but didn’t steam clean the lounge room.

I got the cobwebs off the cornices but didn’t dust the whole ceiling.

I put on ...

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