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Creative arts topics including, picture study, art lessons, music, and dance.

Art Big Picture Basket – Homeschool Planning 2017

art big picture basket

When I get out the art big picture basket she grabs her art book, sharpens her pencils and gets herself ready for our reading lessons. While I read,  she draws. For one hour each day she works on her sketches. And now at the age of 15 they are looking very professional.

She is keen for the read aloud time because it is a relaxing part in her day where she ...

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Music Appreciation in our homeschool

Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation in the Home

  • Music lessons
  • music appreciation
  • composer study rotation with Classics for Kids.
  • example of a composer study on Joseph Hayden

From my early homeschool days I was encouraged from Charlotte Mason homeschoolers to include music appreciation into our homeschool day. Not having a particularly great understanding of music I started simply by playing some classical music ...

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