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McCubbin Picture Study – Australian Art

Our first attempts at Australian artist study went well. We did a McCubbin picture study using Lost. The kids took to it & did some great narrations.Australian Picture Study - Lost

Australian Picture Study

Australian Picture study is still something we do in as part of our art lessons in the homeschool.

The following post is from my archives of September 2008 when we began am Fredrick McCubbin picture study. Six ...

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A Bush Calendar – December Nature Walk

A Bush Calendar

I wrote this after a nature walk in December. It was only a short drive from our home but I nearly gave up and went home in disgust.

A Real Life Drama – The Nature Walk to the Lily Pond

‘Hey kids, after lunch we’re going on a nature walk.’ I announce with enthusiasm. 

The kids reply in monotone, ‘Great!’

Not the response I ...

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Nature Appreciation November Journal

Nature Journal November

“Let them once get in touch with nature and a habit is formed which will be a source of delight and habit through life.” Charlotte Mason

Nature Appreciation With Your Kids

We have been nature journaling regularly for three years now and I can see the benefits. All of my children have become aware of their surroundings and ...

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Music Appreciation in our homeschool

Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation in the Home

  • Music lessons
  • Music appreciation
  • Composer study rotation with Classics for Kids.
  • Example of a composer study on Joseph Hayden

From my early homeschool days I was encouraged from Charlotte Mason homeschoolers to include music appreciation into our homeschool day. Not having a particularly great understanding of music I started simply by playing some classical music CDs, reading biographies and getting them to ...

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