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Charlotte Mason Principles – Authority and Docility

authority and docility charlotte mason

Charlotte Mason Principles

Authority and Docility

“The principles of Authority on the one hand and Docility on the other are natural, necessary and fundamental.”

This principle is all about children having a teachable heart and the teacher being aware of their authority and not abusing it.

In this principle she talks about the necessity of order in education.

Not only the ...

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Nature Appreciation November Journal

Nature Journal November

“Let them once get in touch with nature and a habit is formed which will be a source of delight and habit through life.” Charlotte Mason

Nature Appreciation With Your Kids

We have been nature journaling regularly for three years now and I can see the benefits. All of my children have become aware of their surroundings and ...

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Margaret Catchpole – Example Narration

Example narration on Margaret Catchpole

Example Narration of Margaret Catchpole

This term one of Miss 11’s books was Margaret Catchpole by Nance Donkin.

Here is a narration that I asked her to do as a part of her history and English studies.

Margaret Catchpole by Nance Donkin ©1974

Margaret Catchpole arrived as a convict in Port Jackson on a transport ship called The Nile. The Governor ...

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Music Appreciation in our homeschool

Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation in the Home

  • Music lessons
  • Music appreciation
  • Composer study rotation with Classics for Kids.
  • Example of a composer study on Joseph Hayden

From my early homeschool days I was encouraged from Charlotte Mason homeschoolers to include music appreciation into our homeschool day. Not having a particularly great understanding of music I started simply by playing some classical music CDs, reading biographies and getting them to ...

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