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High School English Lessons – DIY Curriculum

English Lessons high school

Ten Things In My High School English Lessons

In high school every lesson can be an English lesson. Encourage your child to use good writing techniques in all their work. Expose them to different genres using different subject matter and writing styles.

The high school years are when you can begin to consolidate many of your child’s English skills.

Here are 10 things ...

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Charlotte Mason Homeschool History – It’s Too Much

Charlotte Mason Homeschool History

Why I Teach So Much History

Charlotte Mason Homeschool History

I think new homeschoolers are often astounded at how much history I put into my children’s home school curriculum. Mistakenly they assume I must be skimping on other important subjects in order to teach history because the primary school the NSW Syllabus suggests 6-10% of your time should be spent on ...

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McCubbin Picture Study – Australian Art

Our first attempts at Australian artist study went well. We did a McCubbin picture study using Lost. The kids took to it & did some great narrations.Australian Picture Study - Lost

Australian Picture Study

Australian Picture study is still something we do in as part of our art lessons in the homeschool.

The following post is from my archives of September 2008 when we began am Fredrick McCubbin picture study. Six ...

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