My Book Of Centuries – A Charlotte Mason Idea!

Book of centuries

Book of Centuries – Why Use One?

Charlotte Mason wanted children to learn history and to understand the flow of history. She used timelines, history charts and this curious Book of Centuries. Her plan was for children to see history holistically. Not as just a collection of random events.

My Book of Centuries has elements of her timelines, charts and illustration.

We Started Our Book Of Centuries Too Early

I started a Book of Centuries when my kids were young (around 7). I’ve since found out that Charlotte Mason started the Book of Centuries when children were around 10. I was a little too fastidious about it and it sometimes (often) took the fun factor out of the experience (for the very little ones). Two years ago I put them away as we were mostly doing Australian history and we weren’t using them properly.

On the weekend I pulled them out of the shed and have given them nice new folders.We are starting again with Ancient history–this time doing some Chinese history. My kids did enjoy looking at their work. I’m so glad I didn’t throw them out. I can see the great value of keeping these books going. My daughter now 16 was very impressed with her drawings from when she was 7. She wasn’t at all embarrassed by her childish drawings.

Book of centuries

Century Pages, Century Illustrations and a Timeline Pages

I have two pages per century.  One is a lined page with 20 lines (5 years per line). For pre-flood dates I have also used 100 years as that reduces the size needed. I made a table on Word and simply dated them up the top. The other side is for pictures.

I used this template from Simply Charlotte Mason.

Here is another wonderful Book of Centuries post with free templates  from A Walk In The Wildflowers,

My kids love drawing pictures and I have one child who is particularly gifted in illustrating ideas.

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