Homeschooling and Child Development – Are the Results Detrimental?

homeschooling and child development

Homeschooling and Child Development

I was recently contacted to answer a few questions by a student who was doing a research assignment on  ‘How can home schooling at an early age be detrimental to a child’s development’. Whilst I strongly disagreed with her question (the bias was obvious) I answered her questions. Here are my answers.

Why did you decide ...

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The Margin Of Motherhood


The Margin of Motherhood

Are you trying to fit in 100 things at once? Are you seriously busy? Is your schedule fully booked? Are you always late? Is there a niggling feeling that you never have enough time? Do you wish you had 20 more hours in your day? Is a good sleep becoming an optional extra? Do you only text because ...

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Mary MacKillop For Kids

Mary Mackillop For Kids

Mary MacKillop For Kids


Mary MacKillop’s story is a heartwarming tale that is especially precious for children.

Mary was an ordinary Victorian farm girl who devoted her life to the service of God and did great things for Australian and New Zealand families.

The Mary MacKillop’s Feast Day is celebrated on the 8th of August. This is also the date ...

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To School or Homeschool – Is that the Question

Should I homeschool

“There was an old woman who lived in a shoe she had so many children she didn’t know whether to homeschool.”

When You Feel School Would Be A Much Better Option

I have often spoken or been on forums when homeschool mothers with toddlers are stressed out and feeling like they cannot cope. Often we feel like the answer is school. That ...

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Homeschool Burnout – It’s the Season

homeschool burnout

 A Cyclical Homeschool Burnout

I have noticed a cyclical homeschool burnout for me at winter time. I am halfway through the year and my initial enthusiasm has dried up. I’m cold, sickness is going around and I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.  Now I recognise this gloomy mood and don’t panic. I know that springtime ...

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High School English Lessons – DIY Curriculum

English Lessons high school

Ten Things In My High School English Lessons

In high school every lesson can be an English lesson. Encourage your child to use good writing techniques in all their work. Expose them to different genres using different subject matter and writing styles.

The high school years are when you can begin to consolidate many of your child’s English skills.

Here are 10 things ...

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