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3. Get Active

Get active

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”  Mark Twain

I think when you are homeschooling it can be very difficult to exercise. Gyms, exercise classes, power walks and jogs are not usually a kid free option.  You may be a naturally energetic person and if fitness is a priority, you will make it happen. But for many ...

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A day in our homeschool – The Good the bad and the Ugly

Day in Morrow Homeschool

A day in our homeschool life

What I wished our homeschool days look like and what they actually look like are usually quite different. Every week I have some interruption that ruins my ideal plans. This week it is no different:

  • Monday morning started with tired children and a lethargic mother following a three-day church camp.
  • Tuesday included some work experience piano teaching ...
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Charlotte Mason Science Conversations For Young Scholars

Charlotte Mason Science Conversations

Create Little Scholars With Charlotte Mason Science Conversations

Charlotte Mason wanted children to be given the skills of the scholars, starting simply yet with intention.

She respected the mind of the child and developed a teaching philosophy that encouraged good quality science education. She discouraged lecturing but preferred the casual pointing out of scenery, plants, insects and anything else ...

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Homeschooling and Child Development – Are the Results Detrimental?

homeschooling and child development

Homeschooling and Child Development

I was recently contacted to answer a few questions by a student who was doing a research assignment on  ‘How can home schooling at an early age be detrimental to a child’s development’. Whilst I strongly disagreed with her question (the bias was obvious) I answered her questions. Here are my answers.

Why did you decide ...

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The Margin Of Motherhood


The Margin of Motherhood

Are you trying to fit in 100 things at once? Are you seriously busy? Is your schedule fully booked? Are you always late? Is there a niggling feeling that you never have enough time? Do you wish you had 20 more hours in your day? Is a good sleep becoming an optional extra? Do you only text because ...

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