NSW Draft Homeschool Registration 2017 – Comments

NSW  Draft Homeschool Registration

NSW  Draft Homeschool Registration 2017 – Comments

The NSW Draft Homeschool Registration guidelines from the NSW Educations Standards Authority (NESA – formally BOSTES) were released a little over a week ago. You can find the document here.

Consultations are occurring throughout NSW and I encourage you to attend a meeting if you want input. This will not only help current ...

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Character Big Picture Basket – Homeschool Planning 2017


Seven year old Joel was being a bit disruptive as his mother read from the Bible the story of the lost sheep.

“Are you listening Joel?” his mother asked. She was convinced he wasn’t.

“Yes Mum,” he replied with a heart warming smile. Then he pointed to the model he was making on the floor. “I’m building a sheep pen for the sheep and over ...

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Art Big Picture Basket – Homeschool Planning 2017

art big picture basket

When I get out the art big picture basket she grabs her art book, sharpens her pencils and gets herself ready for our reading lessons. While I read,  she draws. For one hour each day she works on her sketches. And now at the age of 15 they are looking very professional.

She is keen for the read aloud time because it is a relaxing part in her day where ...

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Humanities Big Picture Baskets – Homeschool Planning 2017

Humanities big picture basket

In 1964 my Uncle Ken was an actor in one of the first TV series of Dr Who. He played a captain in the French Revolution and he was trying to capture some counter revolutionaries who were hiding in a farmhouse outside Paris.  He and his soldiers stormed the farmhouse and took the rebels prisoners, then they knocked out Dr Who. Under my uncle’s orders they ...

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Science Big Picture Baskets – Homeschool Planning 2017

Science big picture basket
All four of my children sat on the couch attentively when I read this delightful science book. I never heard groans, there was just wonder. After we finished, if there was a chance they might find the subject of our story, they went outside to explore.

Stretching the book open on the table, I would get out their nature journals and ...

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English Big Picture Baskets – Homeschool Planning 2017


I have a square cane basket that has been full of books for the past two weeks. It’s really starting to annoy my husband because it hasn’t found a home. Collected items from the last 15 years fill it. This may very well be my last year of having to make this collection.

I call this my big picture basket.

This basket holds more than just books; it’s ...

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