how to bind an ebook

Binding ebooks was something I wanted to learn how to do because I buy (and sell) a lot of ebooks.

I’ve been looking for a way to bind them that is cost effective, durable and attractive. After searching around on the internet and grabbing ideas here and there I’ve finally found a method that works well. So I thought I’d share how I did it because I know that you will want to have a go.

manilla folder

•    3 ring hole puncher
•    String
•    Sturdy glue (I pinched some of my husband’s woodwork glue from the shed)
•    A paint brush
•    Strong hairspray (or adhesive spray)
•    Manilla folder
•    Material  to cover manilla folder or you could also use wrapping paper.
•    Contact
•    Label for spine and cover. I did mine on Publisher.

1.    Print off your ebook.
2.    Hole punch all the pages. My hole punch has a guide of where to place the paper so all the pages are roughly punched in the same spot.

how to bind an ebook

3.    Now align your pages together and use a piece of string to bind them together. One separate tie for each of the three hole punched sections. Don’t tie them too tightly as this will make the book splay open a bit.

how to bind an ebook 2

4.    Then begin working on the cover.  Firstly work out where to fold the cover to make sure it wraps around the book. This is done by placing the book on one of the folded edges of the manilla folder. You then work out where to make the other fold. You want to try to get this as accurate as possible.

How to bind an ebook 3

5.    You will then need to cut the manilla folder to fit the cover. I also kept some of the cardboard to use as a book mark.
6.    Cover the folder with the material or paper you selected. The adhesive spray is to help the material and the cardboard stick together. You can smooth out the material with a credit card or a ruler.
7.    Make up a spine and a front label for the book and glue this on with adhesive spray.

how to bind an ebook

8.    Cover the cover with contact. Make sure the contact goes over the material edges or else the cover will lift with use.

how to bind an ebook
9.    Now glue the inside cover along the spine and glue the spine of the book pages.

how to bind an ebook 5

10.    Press book into spine.

how to bind an ebook 6

11. Close cover and cover the spine with bull dog clips.

how to bind an ebook

Leave for a day.


Viola! You will have a lovely bound ebook.