Australian Mums Encouraging Mums Blog Hop – Week One

mum's encouraging mums blog hop

Welcome to the Australian Mums encouraging Mums blog hop.

Belinda, from Life With Your Kids and I have been blogging here in Australia for a long time.  We’d like to gather together like hearted mums – mums who have a heart for their families and who blog – so that we can share with each other and be a support.  A blog hop is simply a weekly gathering where we share what’s happening on our blogs – we read each other’s posts, leave comments and generally get to know each other.  If you don’t blog, but you are here reading, we’d love to get to know you to and we can do that as you leave comments and say hello.

To get this blog hop started we are going to have four weeks of themes as we get to know each other.  Today, being our first blog hop the theme is “Why did you start blogging?” – Belinda and I look forward to reading your stories.

If you’ve not done a blog hop before – what you do is write a blog post (on the theme – if there is one) and then come back here and link up the URL of your post.  This will make it easy for others to come and visit your blog.  We hope you’ll find this fun!

Week 1: Why did you start blogging (and why do you keep blogging)

Here are some prompts for this week’s blog post:

  • Why I blog:  my reason, purpose, goals, 
  • What attracted you to blogging
  • My blogging story – when I started, what it looked like then, what it looks like now.
  • What I’ve learnt because I blog
  • What do I do other than blog (yes, I do have another life)
  • What are some things about you that you’ve never shared on your blog
  • Do you read other blogs?  Which blogs inspire you?
  • Links to your top blog posts

Week 2: Tell us about your plans for 2016 – what are your goals, what changes are you making from last year, maybe share a day in your week.

Week 3:  Advice to my best friend who wants to start Homeschooling

Week 4: Tour Australia – if we came to visit you, where would you take us on a family outing.  A good opportunity to play tourist for the day and blog about it.

After these four weeks of getting to know each other, the invitation will be there to share any of your blog posts – regardless of the topics.

We want this to be easy and fun so keeping rules to a minimum (just so things work).

  • If you are an Australian mum, and you blog please join in.
  • You can link up to 2 blog posts from your own blog  (link blog posts, not your blog home page).
  • Please keep them family friendly.
  • Blog linkup will be open from Monday 8.00am – Thursday 8.00pm (WST) – but you can visit any time.

Instead of too many rules let’s just be courteous and be a good friend.  A good friend always encourages:

  • You could visit a few blogs and leave comments – this is the best way to encourage others.
  • You could follow your hosts, Michelle and Belinda
  • You could follow the blog hop Pinterest Board


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  1. sharon  February 22, 2016

    Hi Michelle, just wondering how to add the blog for week 2. Does it just get added under the week 1 blogs?
    Cheers, Sharon

    • Michelle  February 22, 2016

      I can see you added it. Smiles Michelle

  2. Donna  February 18, 2016

    My internet was playing up here in the sticks. I cannot get my post to load tonight. Can I do it in the morning?

  3. Donna  February 18, 2016

    Just what I need! Look for my link just before the deadline closes, lol.

    • Michelle  February 18, 2016

      Hi Donna,
      Looking forward to it. If you miss this weeks there is always the next one which starts on Monday. Smiles Michelle

      • Donna  February 18, 2016

        lol, oh I just read that after I posted a link to my general about page. Hope that was ok. I thought I had to get in today or not at all, lol. I amjust finishing the ‘real’ post that was asked for. Is there anyway of changing it later?

        • Michelle  February 19, 2016

          Hi Donna, Belinda is in control of all the techy stuff. I have asked her.
          Smiles Michelle

  4. Fatima Ghaffar  February 16, 2016

    Hello everyone there !
    I m glad to see all of the useful stuff here thanks to both Michelle and Belinda. I appreciate your hard work and efforts to give assistance to all the mums around the globe and stay in connection I would love to blog

  5. Amy  February 15, 2016

    What a wonderful idea Michelle and Belinda. I look forward to connecting with a delightful variety of Aussie bloggers. 🙂


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