Homeschool Science Ideas

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Homeschool Science For Young Scholars

Homeschool science is easy to do. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

How can you encourage a love of homeschool science, and meet the academic requirements set out by state regulations?

Charlotte Mason wanted children to be given the skills of the scholars, starting simply yet with intention. Charlotte Mason’s ideas on teaching science are perfect for home education especially in the early primary years. Not only are her methods enjoyable, creative and academically sound, they are also extremely suitable for accomplishing the state requirements many of us are expected to follow.

Include some of these Charlotte Mason inspired ideas in your young child’s homeschool science program:

Australian Curriculum and Homeschool Science

homeschool science

Find out about the Australian Curriculum for Science. This article includes:

Charlotte Mason and the Australian Curriculum discusses the similarities and differences between the Australian curriculum and the Charlotte Mason method.

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For high school science suggestions look here.

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