Homeschool English Lessons

Homeschool English Lessons

Literature, Language and Literacy

Teaching English comprises  40% of the Australian Curriculum for primary and is a compulsory subject till Year 12.

There are many teaching techniques and resources that you can use and when you first begin planning your English curriculum it is normal to feel a little at sea.

Most of us have the school methods of teaching locked into our brains and that is what we think we need. We look for spelling tests, comprehension lessons, grammar worksheets and creative writing assignments. However when you homeschool you can use a far more natural method for teaching this subject.

Charlotte Mason believed the teaching methods and literary content of a child’s curriculum were extremely important in achieving a good education.

Homeschool English and the Australian National Curriculum

“The National Curriculum is built around the three interrelated strands of Language, Literature and Literacy…Together the three skills focus on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking , writing and creating.” Australian National Curriculum

The Charlotte Mason method teaches in the three areas suggested by the Australian Curriculum. Her methods for teaching English are simple to implement in the homeschool because they are logical, enjoyable and practical.

Charlotte Mason believed living books should be the basis for all English lessons. From a good book, handwriting, spelling, literature models and literacy were all taught.

The new Australian National Curriculum (and NSW Syllabus) does not stipulate the content of the materials to be used, or the teaching methods, except for the requirement to incorporate Australian literature, including some Torres Strait and Aboriginal literature, into its syllabus.

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