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Australian Homeschool Curriculum

There Is no official Australian Homeschool Curriculum.

However, NSW, WA, SA and NT currently have their homeschool registration linked to the Australian Curriculum. But NSW and WA use their states version of the Australian Curriculum.

On the other hand, QLD, Victoria, ACT and Tasmania home educators can decide whether or not to follow the Australian curriculum; although following the Australian Curriculum is encouraged.

If you are homeschooling in Australia you may need to incorporate the Australian curriculum into you homeschool plans. In order to do that you will need to become familiar with the it.

What is the Australian Curriculum?

The  Australian Curriculum is managed by the federal Government. It attempts to standardise what is taught to children around Australia. Consequently, schools in Queensland, Northern Territory, Canberra (ACT), South Australia and Tasmania have all followed the Australian Curriculum as laid out in the federal government website. However, New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria incorporate the national curriculum into their state syllabi.

The national curriculum is outcome based.  It focuses on what students should achieve rather than focusing on what is taught.

You can find the full government curriculum here.

Australian States & Their Curriculum Requirements

Each state has specific regulations for homeschool curriculum requirements. See information about your state here:

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