My ASANA Online Homeschool Planner

asana online homeschool planner
My ASANA Online Homeschool Planner is my latest fun find.

For years I’ve used workboxes to organise my kid’s work and they haven’t needed a checklist. However now that my children are well into their high school years I have decided that it is time to make them (and me) a little more accountable in the way they organise their work. This is good preparation for university and the working world were so much of your workspace is online.

ASANA is free software that is used for managing jobs with multiple people. It is ideal to use as an online homeschool planner. This is how I did it.

Steps For Setting Up Your Asana Online Homeschool Planner

1. Open a free ASANA account and get your kids to join. My kids also installed the app on their ipads. We all have an account. You can also get an extension for Google Chrome.

2. Start a project for each of your homeschool students. I only have two at home now but the free program can take up to 15 members. I also started a group project for subjects we do as a family. Their individual schedules were only on the things they were doing on their own.

asana online homeschool planner

3. Then add the tasks into their homeschool schedule.  Here you can see my daughter’s basic breakdown of subjects. I have put in her individual subjects plus her assigned reading books. Assign a due date and make it for the day you want the schedule to start. You can set tasks to repeat: the weekly feature allows you to set specific days.

online homeschool planner tasks

4. You can also break a task down into segments and set specific dates for their completion. You can see I’ve broken down the historical narrations that we are doing this term into specific dates.

asana online homeschool planner sub tasks

5. Spend some time educating your kids on how to use the new format. One of my children quickly worked out how he could set a task for his sister and added seven hours weight lifting to her schedule. Now if your kids are going to have too much fun with this you can adjust their settings so they can’t add tasks.

6. Have them check off their work as it is completed. If they are working on a laptop or PC they will get a cute unicorn rush along their screen when they check off a finished task.

7. Work will load for the next day if set to repeat.

Using this ASANA online homeschool planner lets me peak in and see how my kids are going with their studies. It also allows me to add in extra tasks for the day. I can even add in special links to videos I might want them to watch.

Don’t worry if you feel like your technical skills aren’t advanced enough for this. I found it to be very user-friendly and they have quite a few training videos available. The only limitation is sorting out how to use it for an online homeschool planner delegation system rather than a work project. It’s completely free so give it a go.

I did try a few other project management software programs but they didn’t have apps for ipads and I couldn’t set the tasks to repeat.

If you have found something like this that works well for you please let me know in the comments.

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  1. Tarah Stock  August 31, 2017

    Perfect! I was just wondering if I could use Asana for our homeschool and searched Google to find out… awesome to see the examples. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rachel  June 19, 2016

    Would you use this for a 6 year old just starting out?

    • Michelle  June 19, 2016

      Hi Rachel,
      No I wouldn’t use it for young children. Although you may like to use it if you want an online checklist. I use it for my highschoolers. I think that is an age where they can manage it quite well. The student probably needs to be used to getting emails and responding to them. When they can do that then I think they would be ready.

      Smiles Michelle

  3. Renelle  May 27, 2016

    This is great. We’ve been using Tasks books (spiral notebook!) that world well but this seems easy to use. Ill give it a go. Thank you.


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