Art Big Picture Basket – Homeschool Planning 2017

art big picture basket

When I get out the art big picture basket she grabs her art book, sharpens her pencils and gets herself ready for our reading lessons. While I read,  she draws. For one hour each day she works on her sketches. And now at the age of 15 they are looking very professional.

She is keen for the read aloud time because it is a relaxing part in her day where she listens with leisure and works on her art.

art lessons

Elizabeth from Poldark – Miss 14

My Art Big Picture Basket

My art big picture basket does have some art resources – this year it’s The Country Diary of and Edwardian Lady

The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady

and Nancy Tichbournes’s Water Colour World.

water coulour world

but mostly it is the time I give her that encourages her to practise.

Planning Art into Your Week

Over the years we have consistently added art work into our homeschool lessons with:

All of my children have enjoyed illustrating some of their narrations.

Even as young students they found drawing a picture was a great way to express what they were learning on paper.

Garden of Eden map

Garden of Eden map when reading Genesis – Master 7

But are they listening?

You can check their comprehension through narrations and questions about what is going on. In fact my daughter and son both say they find it easier to listen when they are doing something.

The Big Picture Basket

This basket holds more than just books; it’s another year’s worth of living literature for my youngest daughter.

It doesn’t seem to matter if I’m planning for kindy or high school – its all the same and it always starts with a basket of books. Turning that big picture basket into a workable, achievable homeschool plan is the next challenge.

This last week of my homeschool holidays I am going to do a blog series and show you how this big picture basket shapes a solid homeschool plan.

PS. If your wondering about math – It’s more of a tweet than a post.  I use a textbook!

See Here For More Art Planning Ideas

Look out tomorrow for my what’s in my big picture basket for the health – physical and spiritual!

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