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spring cleaning

Anytime Spring Cleaning Challenge

When you are homeschooling your home never feels clean. There is always another job that can be done and another mess is always being made. Mopping the floor seems like an impossible task because little feet are always pottering and planning their next idea.

The Aroma of Life

It doesn’t take long for your home to turn into a chaotic jumble of dirty washing, dishes, books, paper and toys.  The aroma and atmosphere of your home affects your mood and those about you.

Education is an atmosphere is one of Charlotte Mason’s sayings and when we homeschool our home is our educational atmosphere. We are not just trying to inspire our children with beautiful things in their education, we are also trying to provide them with beauty where they are.

I don’t live in a mansion and I’m not a fabulous cleaner. However in the past 10 years I have come to understand the atmosphere my home provides is a ministry to my family and friends. The relationships, food, order and cleanliness are all part of that home ministry. A spick and span home with a quarrelsome wife (or mother) is also a repellent for a happy home.  And learning how to serve in that ministry is a challenge.

The fragrance of your home is filled with life but it can also be filled with peace, holiness and the fragrance of Christ.

Cleaning Your Home Blesses Your Family

And teaching your family how to clean is just as important.

Keeping your home atmosphere as a focus is often a boring necessity. And we all need a little jazzing up to get inspired.

The Anytime Spring Cleaning Challenge

Five years ago I gathered with 14 other friends and we did a spring cleaning challenge following Sarah Mae’s book 31 days to clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way.

I found that this book was a catalyst to changing my thinking on the way I looked at housework and my home. Five years later I still see that my attitude has permanently shifted to a much more positive attitude to housework and how it contributes to the family atmosphere. I highly recommend it.

On the first day of the challenge we were encouraged to write a vision statement for cleaning our home. Mine was:

“We clean our home to have a haven of beauty, order, peace and health.”

I still like it.

I blogged my journey through this book filled with wisdom.

Week One

31 Days To Clean

Week Two

31 Days To Clean

Week Three

31 days to clean plumbing

Week Four -The Final Instalment
31 days to clean-20

The ebook has now been published into a book and made even better. It doesn’t need to be spring to get the most from this book.

It will inspire you and even though housework will still probably be boring you can at least find some purpose.

Don’t just take my word for it – try the 31 days to clean challenge yourself.

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