A Bush Calendar – December Nature Walk

A Bush Calendar

I wrote this after a nature walk in December. It was only a short drive from our home but I nearly gave up and went home in disgust.

A Real Life Drama – The Nature Walk to the Lily Pond

‘Hey kids, after lunch we’re going on a nature walk.’ I announce with enthusiasm. 

The kids reply in monotone, ‘Great!’

Not the response I was hoping for.

After lunch I bark out orders. ‘Get hats, get water, get sketch books, get pencils, not those shoes. No! you can’t take Beary. No! you can’t take your scooter. Ok! Beary can come but he has to stay in the car.’ Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

We are finally on our way. As we drive, I hear all the different reasons why my kids think a nature walk is a bad idea. 

We park the car, lather ourselves with ‘mossi-stuff’ and off we go.

We walk, talk and absorb our surroundings. 

One child has a headache and is complaining about the heat, another hates big ants.

I dash to rescue a tree that is having all its fruits pulled off, I then give a short lecture on preserving the native flora. 

We plod on until we turn a corner and our spirits soar. The kids run madly towards the  pond.

I feel like we have found Monet’s garden. The Giant Water Lilys are in full bloom, bees sip their nectar and dragonflies hover about. The willows dangle lazily into the water. Willy wagtails hop nearby. The kids are exhilarated. 

Art lessons

Nature Journal entry from Miss 9’s made that day.

We set up our watercolour pencils and sketch books and begin to draw in this peaceful place.

After an hour, we climb back into the car, happy and refreshed, wanting to bring some friends next time.

Nature Journaling With Kids

Our visit with friends a month later.

Nature Journaling with Kids

Even the pre-schoolers had a good time with their nature books.

Monthly Nature Study & Walks

I often find getting out for the nature walk is most of the battle. Once you are there the surroundings take over.

We do try to get out for regular nature walks but we also utilise backyard nature study.

Bush Calendar by Amy Mack.

A Bush Calendar

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