A Bush Calendar September

A bush calendar september

“Nature’s book will find no better season for opening the cover than sweet September.” Amy Mack A Bush Calendar September

Bush Calendar Walk September

Spring Is For the Birds

Springtime bush walking is full of little surprises and we found a few today.

Crimson rosella -A bush calendar september

Crimson Rosella

Eastern Rosella - A bush calendar september

Eastern Rosella

However the best was yet to come on our bush calendar walk for September.

We found a well looked after bower belonging to a Satin Bower Bird. He was peering down on us as we took some photos.

Bower of A Satin Bower Bird

Bower of A Satin Bower Bird

And here is his collection.

Bower Bird Collection

My lovely walking companion made the comment, “What did they collect before plastic?”.


 And This Is How Bower Birds Use Their Bowers

Here is an excerpt from Spotty The Bower Bird .

“The winter months had been comparatively dull. Now, with the warming spring days there was excitement in the community. Young and old appeared more sprightly, and became more restless and active. The playgrounds were cleaned up, and the accompanying bowers, damaged by rains and floods, repaired and decorated for the biggest social event of the year.

They assembled one September morning at the parental bower, and at once began a vigorous contest among the males for the favours of the opposite sex. Spotty had mingled with these from his very babyhood, but he had never noticed till now how very attractive they were. His neck-frill was raised with pride as one and another came to coquet with him…

After a preliminary bowing and scraping the play or dance began. One picked up a piece from the collection and, with half-opened or trailing wings, tail spread, and head turned first to one side and then the other, like a lady trying to look at her train, danced into the pavilion, then tossed the piece back-wards and ran out at the opposite end. Meanwhile the others were circling outside, some with ruffled feathers and dragging wings. When the plaything was tossed back, another picked it up and entered the hall to go through the same performance. This was presently varied by an old male throwing himself on his back and holding the object up in his claws. Another immediately snapped it from him and bolted, only to lose it in turn to a swift-footed pursuer. Some, between running and dancing, rolled on the ground, jumped up and down, side-stepped and performed other curious antics.

After a while all formed into a procession and ran through and around the bower, chasing each other with the utmost glee and enthusiasm. At the same time they mocked the cries of all other birds with whom they were familiar.”  From Australian Nature Stories Collection.

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A Bush Calendar

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