Hitting A Slump  Day 7 and 8 – 31 Days To Clean

Only 26 days of 31 days to clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way. left!

31 Days To Clean

Well I’m still at it.

The Day 7 clean the pantry was a massive day. I went wild. I actually have no pantry so I decided in amongst lessons to pull everything out of the cupboards and do a complete rethink of the food storage. I spent a few hours on it and needed a caffeine hit half way through to stick at it. The finished job was great. But I felt the curse of work as was discussed in the Mary challenge.

31 days-to-clean

The next day I felt burnt out. I had my six things list happening and that was what kept me accountable that day. All I had to do was a few drawers but they were upsetting me just thinking of them. In the end I bit the bullet, tipped the contents of the drawers out on the carpet and began. They sure needed it. I had magazine recipes that I had ripped out that were crumpled up in the drawers, cook books with covers ripped off, excess cliplock bags I didn’t even know were there, tea towels that needed chucking. It’s all sorted now. I even put together a pretty new recipe folder (similar to my homeschool planner).

31 days to clean

I have found that the kitchen jobs can be done around homeschool because much of the homeschooling is done around the kitchen table or in the adjoining lounge room.

Today mop the floors—another job that needs doing!

Having overcome yesterday’s slothful mood I am hoping the Mary challenge on Laziness will help me when the next one comes.