I just purchased 31 days to clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way.

31 Days To Clean

I have begun the challenge.

My mission statement for cleaning my home is as follows;

We clean our home to have a haven of order, beauty and health.

Why not join me and help me stay motivated!

31 Days To Clean


31 Days to Clean – Day 2

Well the reflection today on providing life for the family was good. It reminds me of the importance of making the home a place where you can meet with God, the great life giver. My home needs to provide a place to sit, as Mary did, at the feet of Jesus.

My Martha challenge was to clean the fridge. That was done. Here is the evidence.


31 Days to Clean Day 3

“Beauty Raises Life Above Mere Existence”  Sarah Mae


Today the Mary reflection on 31 Days to Clean reminded me of the importance of beauty and how we derive pleasure from it. Less stuff, less mess is one of my mottos. I have hardly any ornaments and I keep things fairly minimal. I can see that I have often chosen less work over beauty; I need an adjustment here. I’ll be working on it.

An especially important question that I asked myself today was—what is the aroma of my home—is it filled with the fragrance of Christ and life? As I pondered this I thought about some of the homes I have been in that have been immaculate but still the spiritual atmosphere makes me uneasy.

Again I am daring myself to make the personality of my home a place that diffuses the perfume of Christ.

My Martha challenge was clean the cupboards of the kitchen.

31 Days To Clean – Day 4 to 7

Well I’m still at it. My husband can’t believe it.

31 Days to Clean Day 4

I followed the Six Things to do list and only have one to go.

x Microwave and Oven Cleaned
x Kitchen windows and dressings cleaned
x Kitchen cabinets cleaned

I took a rest for Sunday, our rest day.

Tomorrow it’s organise the pantry.


How are the rest of you going on the 31 Days to Clean?